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Self tanning?

January 29, 2022 in Naktiv

As I was applying  a dollop or squirt of the tanning solution I began to wonder if others did the same? I know that women use the stuff for their legs, but do men use it on their bodies? I know it serves me well for my self esteem. And I always feel that much more confident without a whiter than white body! It is certainly safer than exposing oneself to the sun, but is it cheating? It would be interesting to read if others had any thoughts on the subject!


May 1, 2020 in Naktiv

I don’t know what all the fuss is about! I am avoiding this wretched virus by self-isolating naked in my house and garden. Fortunately, the weather has been kind just lately and I’ve been able to spend most days topping up my tan. I suppose I’m fortunate in having a garden where I can go naked and enjoy the breeze between my legs. A lady friend kindly drops by to get any foodstuff I require from the local shop. She has seen me naked but doesn’t comment on it and even smiles when we meet at a respectable distance at the door. She told her husband and he thought it a good idea and has built a suntrap in their garden so that he can go naked without upsetting their neighbours. He rang me the other day and thanked me for improving their sex life! I did ask him how on earth I did that? He said when going naked he gets a massive erection and when the wife joins him (also naked) they are drawn to having fantastic sex in the confines of their sun trap. He says there is nothing like having the sun on your bare arse whilst you are thrusting away between your wife’s legs! I can just imagine him and her having sexual pleasure behind a simple canvas suntrap! He has also suggested we get together for a ‘sinful’ barbecue when things get back to normal and we can all have a naked ‘mingle’. I must say I’m looking forward to that as his wife has the most alluring pair of breasts I have seen! Though I should add that are always covered in a skimpy’T’-shirt!


March 31, 2020 in Naktiv

With this self-isolation,  I have to admit I haven’t been too fussy about wearing too many clothes in going about doing chores in the house. The only visitors to our front door is a young lady called Carol who fetches supplies from the local shop and drops them on the doorstep. It was a particularly cold day last week when doing the washing up in the kitchen I heard the front door-bell. Without thinking, and with wet hands, I rushed to the door. There, our ever faithful Carol was standing with open mouth and smiling at my naked body showing out of the open dressing gown. Too late to correct the situation I boldly opened the dressing gown further. It was then I began to get an erection. “How I wish my husband had one that big, we could have lots of fun!  She was still laughing when she turned and walked away from the house. I never did discover what that particular visit was for!

A surprise!

February 13, 2020 in Naktiv

I had invited them to join me in having a cup of coffee one morning. They were two friends I had known for years and were of the same age. On-time, as usual they were at my front door with two other people. Although strangers they were very pleasant and we all soon began chatting about this and that! It was during a conversation about people’s freedom that a bombshell was dropped! The female of the two newcomers remarked about nudism and how restrictive we were all to it! My two friends of long-standing, both joined in by stating they regularly went about naked! In all the years I had known them I had no idea that they, like me, enjoyed being nude at home. It was like someone had pulled a trigger and we all started pulling off our clothes. The new couple were the first to show off their bronzed figures, He was slim and well proportioned. His thighs were muscular and he had a small amount of hair over an enormous penis that had been circumcised and was showing a big head. She was also slim but had breasts that although on the small side, had a pair of nipples that you could hang your hat on. She had obviously shaved all over and her pubes were pink and clean looking.

My dear friends of some years were slower off the mark and in fun began to pull off my shorts. Unfortunately, due to my excitement at seeing naked people in my conservatory, my penis was becoming active and it’s nine inches of circumcised growth suddenly appeared over my shorts. Julie, the female of the two was transfixed by the size of my penis, or cock, as some would have it called. Her husband’s penis was about the average size of three to four inches, but it too was increasing in size!

Standing about and drinking glasses of wine in a hot conservatory, soon had us enjoying each other’s naked company. It was a nudist’s paradise with no sexual overtones. I didn’t think Julie’s secretive fondling of my penis was noticed by the others. She was fascinated by the size of it and whispered that one day she would have to investigate how to make use of such a length!

We have promised to do the same again on a regular basis and my friends confided that the would even go so far as to purchase a hot tub for their garden.

Who gives a hoot?

November 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’ve often wondered what older women think of being naked among naked men? Are they really ashamed of their bodies with drooping breasts, overhanging folds of flesh on their hips and stomachs bulging and hiding their pudendum  I’ve also responded to that question with the old retort of ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’! There is no doubt that men of all ages are attracted to women with hourglass figures and breasts you can hang your hat on!

It is a wonder to me that older women are confident and brave enough to go naked in public!

Mind you, older men aren’t so different. They’ve got to contend with stomachs bulging, and the ever puzzling problem of penis sizes!

I personally, don’t give rat’s arse what people think when I bare my body to the sun in my back garden!

Too much!

July 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’m getting fed up with all the articles about Nudism and what difficulties are being encountered by individuals to practice being naked. Just how difficult is it to take off your clothes? It’s not as if it’s a dangerous sport or a drug-infused past time! As if you didn’t know, it’s harmless and doesn’t cause any harm to animals! So, you are not enamoured with your body? Too many bulges and sagging skin. Your breasts are trying to meet your knees. Your penis is fast disappearing. You’ve got hair growing all over the place (even more in your nostrils). We’ve all got problems. And the older you get, the more you seem to have. The answer is simple!

Firstly, decide where you want to go naked. When you’ve fixed the ideal location go prepared. If it’s in your own garden, warn the neighbours what you intend doing. If it’s in a public place (the beach or park) take care to be circumspect. Always take towels so you can cover yourself if necessary. Never uncover your genitals using a raincoat! If the neighbours object you can always ignore them, tell them to emigrate or set the dog on them! If they seem to warm to your intentions beware, they may want to join you and even build a door in your fence so that they come through already naked.

It can be made even easier if you ‘splash’ out and buy a hot tub. Then there is no excuse for having hordes of friends who ‘all of a sudden’ want to visit you laden with towels, bottles of cheap plonk and sporting a big busted blonde to have an orgy of sex underwater. Don’t, whatever you do, put up a sign outside your house displaying ‘clothing is optional here’. You will attract every sex-starved male and female from miles around. Mind you, that could have its attractions!

May I wind up this little tale by advising any male or female who has got it into their heads to go naked. Just do it!

Here I am!

February 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

It was at a coffee morning at a friends house when I was accosted by a very attractive female who asked me if I would like to take my clothes off and join her in the hot tub. I hadn’t realised my friend had “splashed” out and purchased a hot tub. He’d installed it at the rear of the house and it was hidden from the neighbours by trees. 

It wasn’t long before the female, whose name was Fiona, standing in front of me asked me to pull the zip on the rear of her dress. As always the dutiful male, I quickly pulled the zip down, and all of a sudden I realised this female was wearing absolutely nothing under the dress. No underwear nothing! Fiona kicked the dress away from her feet and being completely naked asked me to help her climb the steps into the hot tub. I went to hold her arm but stupidly wasn’t paying much attention to where my hand was. It was on the back of her thighs and was dangerously close to her bum and vagina. It was a good hour before we both realised we had an audience. The other guests had heard our splashing about and of course the bubbling waters. Stupidly, I stood up and invited others to join us. That’s when I discovered my penis was at full attention. With water dripping from its tip. A big cheer went up and several people joined us in the tub.  It wasn’t long before a crowd of naked men and women joined us in the hot tub. It was so crowded I ended up with my pretty female Fiona sitting on my lap. What a day that turned out to be!










































































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