Caught in the Nude!

Posted on July 19, 2018

For those who enjoy real experiences, here is something that happened to me just last week.



4 thoughts on “Caught in the Nude!”

  1. With the hot Summer here in Scotland when ever I was in the garden it was usually naked. (BTW we run a naturist B&B). The garden is secluded so for the most part you cannot be seen from the road. One afternoon as I was heading to the house a man suddenly appeared – he was a bit surprised to see me without any clothes. I have been a naturist for many years but I’ve never quite been in this situation. With nothing to hand to cover up I carried on walking towards him explaining I was a naturist. I turns out he and his friend were from Mexico and on as a walking holiday – they had run out of water. So still naked I showed them where the outside tap was and had a brief chat to them as they filled bottles. They were camping some miles away – I wonder if they mentioned it to other campers that night. They will certainly have an interesting holiday tale when they get home.


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