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    Roger Ritter - "It looks better on a sunny day with lots of people. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer to return!"View
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    Mark - "OK, Had enough of Summer now. Roll on Autumn…"View
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    Vittorio Volpi - "@riccardoschillacigmail-com Benvenuto, Riccardo. Qualche notizia in più su di te? A presto, Vittorio"View
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    Brian Taylor - "@janleiden47gmail-com Hi Vakantie and thanks for the friend request. Welcome to Naktiv – I notice you are new here, but clearly not new to Naturism, judging by the impressive number of pictures you have already […]"View
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    Kees - "@dean , Hoe is het nu met jou?"View
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    luis afonso - "A short documentary on the late Brian Johnson."View
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    Jim Tighe - "Ahh, there are few things in life as enjoyable as playing in the forest, totally naked and free!"View
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    Natfree - "Due to the evolution of the covid19 pandemic, some countries have put in place restrictions that prevent some participants to the newt 2021 on July 17-24 from attending. At this time there are still a few places […]"View
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    Patrick Thompson - "I am a few days late but I just want to send “Happy Birthday” good wishes to Sargam. We hope you have enjoyed your celebrations & wish you much happiness & good health."View
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    Augustus John - "Hi there Saskia. Welcome to Naktiv. I’ve looked at your photos and they show a splendid body. Thank you. You are welcomed to look at mine, just click on the gallery."View
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