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Stay home they tell us…

April 9, 2020 in Naktiv

Stay home the government says – essential journeys only; shopping for medicines and essentials only, nothing else! But you can take some exercise – just do it locally, don’t drive to a beauty spot or anywhere for that matter. Luckily they have included cycling in the list of permitted exercise. The fact that I could easily cycle the 10 miles to the place I last drove to for a naked walk, clearly doesn’t affect these decisions. So ‘on yer bike’ Brian…

Luckily I live close enough to open country that it doesn’t take much peddling before I’m away from houses, but obviously it is textile peddling, unfortunately. If I stick to the country lanes, I feel I have to remain in at least shorts, so I have been revisiting some local bridleways or securing my bike and going for a walk as the fancy takes me. Just one thing; I have noticed more dog walkers than I’m used to, especially mid-week. I guess all this ‘work/stay at home’ means that more people are walking their dogs at times and along routes they would have only previously used at weekends. Nevertheless, I have been able to walk and cycle naked enough for me to see the start of a tan – building it up slowly, ready to protect me from the full Summer sun when it (hopefully) arrives.

I present four pictures here the first two from that last walk I drove to a couple of weeks ago, before the ‘clamp down’ really got going. That walk was alongside the river Trent near Kings Bromley. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and you may think I’m copying Vittorio Volpi in the one picture – Ok, I admit it.

Today I was on my bike and so here is a picture to prove it – well, pushing it over a rough part which my ancient road bike is not best suited for. And yes, another tribute to Vittorio (I hope you don’t mind, if you’re reading this) I couldn’t resist this grand old tree with its hollow trunk. Believe it or not, this was on part of a bridleway that I did manage to ride along, although it was a bit rough and narrow such that I challenge anyone to pick it out in the bottom right-hand corner of this picture.

Social distancing? I’ve been doing it for years…

A Simple pleasure making a great day

May 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

As I left the gym today (having done yoga, had a swim and sauna) I realised it was a lovely sunny day, so I drove to a favourite spot and went for a walk. I was naked just yards from the car and was able to remain so for well over an hour whilst walking across open fields (barefoot as they were grass-covered) with not a soul in sight. Beautiful views as it is a hilly spot. Part of my walk was even along the "Heart of England Way" – a designated long-distance path. When I re-joined the lane on which I had parked the car I was able to remain naked, apart from putting my trainers back on, as I walked the quarter mile back to the car. Because I hadn't planned this walk I hadn't taken my camera, so sorry, no pictures, but that – and the fact that I had no more than my shorts to carry – meant that I was travelling very light and that added to the pleasure of the walk. A real example of less being more.

I was even able to drive home naked.

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