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I have been out as a naturist/nudist for more than 30 years. I enjoy socializing with others who like to feel the breeze caressing their unclothed bodies while sitting on a sandy beach, along the grassy shore of a lake, or around the pool. I’m always clothes free around the house and most friends and family know to call before stopping by unless they wish to see my somewhat pudgy naked body.

I’ve been retired from the newspaper industry since August 2010. I started work in 1966 in the composing room of the Detroit Free Press as a printer’s apprentice, getting my journeyman’s card in 1972. I moved to Florida in February 1981, and started working at the Bradenton Herald as a copy editor, and in 2000 I switched to reporting.

While working at the Bradenton Herald I started working as a figure model at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years. Since retiring, I’ve been modeling more since I have more time and I’m enjoying it more and more each time.

Since I started working in my father’s print shop when I was 9, I’ve always had a love for the letterpress craft. I found a perfect place to practice my love of the art at the Tampa Book Arts Studio at the University of Tampa. I volunteer there as the Letterpress Coordinator two to three days a week and I’m having a blast.

Well, I can only squeeze in so much of my many years of life into this space, so if you want to know more about me, just ask.

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It would be nice to meet the special woman I've been seeking all my life to spend the rest of my days with, but having lived the bachelor life all these many years, it probably won't happen, so I'll settle for anyone who wants to meet and talk about subjects and interest we may share.



I enjoy movies, but I don't usually go to the movie house much. I also don't watch television, so I'm not sure what's the current popular film everyone is talking about. I do think "West Side Story" is the most perfect film ever made.


Again, music isn't a central part of my life, but I do enjoy listening to most kinds of music.

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The Naturists Society, American Association for Nude Recreation, Tampa Area Naturists, South Florida Free Beaches, Treasure Coast Naturists


Collecting books, cooking, travel, drawing, art, and talking to people about their lives.







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