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  • Car cleaning day, it got almost, I say again, almost too hot. A spray down with cold water helped.

  • Canada still has fairly antiquated nudity laws, but fortunately I have a private yard so nude work is possible. We can always hope for changes that better reflect all persons beliefs.

    • I agree and disagree, Don 🙂

      What I mean by this is that yes we can always hope, but not that this is the best way forward. Change needs to be wrung from society by the struggle of the minority involved. Take workers’ unions, women’s votes, the gay movement, for example. Almost every advance in freedom has involved the people concerned taking…[Read more]

      • I am very open about my nudism, I doubt any of my friends and family are not aware. If I could afford the lawyer fees I would go nude in public just to get the law back in front of the courts. But I have a fairly meager income, so this is the best I can do. Thank you for the comment and support.

        • I have to agree with you Don. I’m sure my relatives are not aware of my enthusiasm for nakedness. Certain friends are in accord with my nudism and even joined me naked in my garden on rare occasions. At 81 years of age I’m sure they think I’m just an old eccentric! I’ll be 82 in August and hopefully will be enjoying the sunshine naked!

          • I’m still a youngster at 66, but retired and enjoying as many days nude as possible, before this great weather turns to fall and then the dreaded winter sets in; I better head out into the sun now, that snowy thought gave me a chill!

          • I’m feeling past it at 59 (not in spirit, just in body) but with 82 @augustusjohn you give me hope

  • Enjoying the hot Canadian summer

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