Nudity in movies

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Books ,Arts ,Movies play a vital role in motivation and inspiration .It inspires us to go and achieve our dreams , wants and desire .
Nudity in movies mostly consists of full frontal women nude scene, intimating scenes or more of fantasy scene . There are very few movies where they show the nude scene as a part of naturism or nudism .Educating Julie , Diary of a Nudist , Pussycats Paradise , are the few or may be the only movies which shows the true side of naturism . All these movies were made during 60's to 80's when cinema was not so updated . Its bad thing to see that in todays period where cinema has went from just drama to 3 dimensional (3D) stages . Movies are breaking barriers of society and arts . Movies are made on war, brutalism , cannibalism , sexual fantasise like Bdsm , adultery . But not much movies are made on naturism . In recent period only two movies were made on naturism Act naturally (2011) and its sequel Act super naturally (2015).
In the phase of inspiring for naturism and accepting nudity Educating Julie is one of the good movie . educating Julie is the movie of a graduate school student who has an assignment on nudity where she has to submit a thesis on nudity in 80's . where at the beginning she feel embaressed to have that topic but later she realises the truth of nudity and comes across naturism and naturist resorts .Not only she even her boyfriend who at first hates nudism but later understands and embraces it .
Pussycat paradise , dairy of nudist ,few other movies which have very beautiful theme on naturism and showing the real and true contents of naturist clubs . these are the few movies where the misconceptions of nudism and naturist resorts are cleared in a very beautiful way with a nice story of love and relations. for the people with misconception regarding nudism and naturist clubs must watch these movies . if you are reading my this article and have friends and family with misguide regarding nudism .I would suggest you to show them these movies for better understanding . Not only adult these movies to show how can nudism practiced in family and grow up kids as nudist in a healthy and better manner .
There are other movies also where the concept of nudism is shown but with not much educational manner. Wonderlust, maslin beach , confitte, la fonte des neigis, les textile, naked venus, daughter of the sun .
I am not a potential reader so mostly I find my inspiration from movies and keep searching for more inspiration .Nudity is widely accepted in Europe . More movies can be made where the nudity is legal .
If anyone knows other movies apart from these movies please leave the names in the comments . and will be thankful if I can be shared the links for watching the movies . please leave a comment . suggestions are welcomed .

My first step towards peace and myself .

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This is my first writing in this website . thanks to the video I saw in youtube of naked hiking expedition done in Europe . That's how I came to know about the site . thanks to Richard Foley .
Being born in india taking up nudity is a difficult thing . Not everyone in india accepts own or social nudity. Its not the people but the religion and the society which makes people think like that .
I am born in the same family where nudity is not easily accepted . But I went out of the family path for my likings and belief . Right when I was kid I never like wearing clothes(specially underwear) , bathroom, and the places where there is water to get in . tenth grade is where every kid takes first step towards puberty in every way and that's the time when the kids get the whole house by themselves with no one around to disturb in studies . Even I got it . I use to be alone at house with my book . That's when I use to get whole time with my body without the burden of clothes . I found it more easy and strong to concentrate in my studies . Time passed I grew old I use to stay nude in house when ever I got a chance to be . But I couldn't share my this part of life with anyone else .
As I grew old I heard comments from my friends on seeing people nude which they use to directly relate to sex and p**n*graphy . I use to feel depressed at that time as I like being nude but its not like I was pervert . It was not like the each time I got nude I use to have a urge for sex . No it never did . It made me worried wether I have some mental condition like addiction to words something . Those few days were real days of depression because then I dint have any idea of nudism and naturism . I was worried how shall I tell my family to get a help . But somewhere in my heart it was not ready to accept that I need help it was telling that I am fine . Its the one simple thing that I dint like clothes more often .
That's how I came across the internet in search of help . That's how I came across a nudist ladygod1va . I read her articles in her blog which gave me sigh of relief and smile and happiness in me . As I knew I am not alone I have people like me . I started reading more and more which built a positive and strong foundation in me . I came around social nudity and naturism . After reading about naturism and the photos made me more curious to take my next step and break the laws of so called society . I was curious and dying to go nude and connect with nature .
And so I did .

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