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About me

I’m HIV negative as of 10/20/18 (I assume everyone else is positive, which is totally fine – I’m an HIV educator as one of the things I do as a volunteer)

I love to hike naked and the profile pic was taken the last week in August 2018 so it is current. If you are in the general area and might like to join me, let me know. Weekdays, federal land only. I also love naked beaches. Well. OK, most anything naked is more fun than being dressed 🙂

Was married in my previous life and have now been out now for 25+ years, have a married son and 2 granddaughters so I understand and appreciate biological family as well as chosen family.

After practicing law for 33 years, I closed my office and went to work for Equality NC, the statewide LGBT advocacy organization, for 5 years. I was the political and community organizer, thus I’m out and politically active. I returned home to mediate and arbitrate matters for folks who want to try to avoid a court hearing for a number of years but have now completely retired and love being in total control of my schedule!!! Live naked, love naked – dress when required but try and push that envelope some too.

While the calendar says I’m 71, I think age is a state of mind. As long as I’m healthy, and everything works reasonably well, I choose to be well behaved sometimes and at other times not so well behaved. I have as much fun running naked through the woods now as I did when I was a teenager and skinny dipping has not lost its thrill. The chance of getting caught at either just adds to the excitement 🙂

I’m attracted to guys who know who they are and aren’t afraid to be who they are. I enjoy boating, water skiing, hiking in the woods (naked if possible and from Monday to Thursday there are only a few places where naked hiking is not possible) and gardening in the summer, snow skiing, a cozy fire or a tropical clothing optional vacation in the winter. A good book, politics and a handsome man are all fun any time of the year. I’m single, somewhat shy and enjoy getting to know a man slowly rather than in a heated rush. I am sensual, tanned, toned, smooth and cut.

As for me, I was born a gay male. That doesn’t mean I have to fit into any specific group or stereotype. If you had a picture of me and it was cut up into a jig-saw puzzle; and every piece had a word that described something about me; the piece that said GAY would be no larger or more significant than any other piece of the puzzle….BUT…until you put that piece in place the picture would not be complete. We are all more alike than we are different.

Relationship status


Who I'd like to meet

People who are comfortable in their own skin and love to relax and hang naked – I live naked, love naked social gatherings and a naked hike or a naked walk on a beach are wonderful



Biographies, classics, usually nonfiction


Most anything comedy, biography, action but not particularly scifi or horror


Current pop and most anything from the 50's through the 70's and some after that though I sing along best with that from the 50's and 60's

Clubs, organizations or federations

Gay rights organizations, civic endeavors, local community groups














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