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—My naturist manifesto— We naturists must keep our focus patiently directed upon our long term goal of shifting society's perception of nudity. Granted, it is not an easy task, but we are closer than we have ever been since the dawn of the Victorian era.The simple premise that applies to all in this world: We all come into this world naked. We could just as easily and successfully leave this world in the same state, given the opportunity. Nudity is a natural state of being. We all have the right to choose to be in our natural state when it is a practical and sensible option. The option to choose clothing should remain only a personal one, and at times, a socially mandated one for various occasions and settings. Likewise, one must not force another to be naked. Most importantly any law that forces us to wear clothing at all times (while in public or otherwise) is immoral and is a violation of our fundamental human rights to seek happiness and express ourselves in a manner that is not harmful to society as a whole.If we can all come together on this fundamental understanding, then we can work together, textile and naturist alike, to force those who wish to pollute our society with various forms of self-centered, lewd, abusive, exploitative and otherwise destructive behavior to the side lines and beyond.



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