When hiking, leave nothing but shadows on the grass. 🙂

Posted on January 17, 2019

Was far too chilly at 40f (4.4c) when I got up this morning, but by noon it was a quite pleasant 60F (15.5C), so I went on a 3 1/2 mile walk on the prairie.  Quickly got naked as there was nobody else at the trailhead.  Alas, I had no sooner started back when I was startled by another hiker.  He turned around, and went back the way he came.  However, he stood on the trail for a bit and I wondered if he was going to try to gather some photo evidence of my nude state.  I took a different fork in the trail and he did not follow.  Discretion being the better part of valor for the afternoon, I remained clothed.  A good thing, as the trail started to fill up – And this on a weekday. Don’t textiles have to go work someplace on a weekday?

I am thinking I should classify my nude hiking trails like this:

A. Absolutely Safe for Nude Hiking (ASFNH)

B.  Sometimes Safe for Nude Hikng (SSFNH)

C.  Rarely Safe for Hude Hiking (RSFHH)

The problem is the variables: Weather, Time of Day, Weekend, Weekday, in Season, off Season and any permutation of these.

I once went nude walking on a deserted Gulf of Mexico beach at midnight during a full moon, and almost bumped into a fisherman.  Hard to be able to walk naked anywhere these days.


3 thoughts on “When hiking, leave nothing but shadows on the grass. :-)”

  1. Post Script: I did pick up some slivers of something in my bare feet, one of which has become mildly infected. I can’t get the sliver out by myself as I can’t see it except by camera or mirror. Taking an antibiotic and hopefully infection will subside enough for my wife to take it out with tweezers. Otherwise a trip to the doc.

    Hard to get an allover tan this time of year, with the sun at a low angle for most of the day. So while my shoulders and upper back are brown, lower torso and legs remain quite pale.

    I don’t lie down and sunbathe much. Just too busy, and it’s a bit boring. Fell asleep once on Fire Island’s Lighthouse Beach, and peeled dead skin off my butt for weeks afterward. Lesson learned.


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