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July 30, 2020 in Environmental, Lifestyle, Naktiv, Sport

This Saturday: Naturistenlauf!

I will participate in the 5k 🙂

The weather is said to be perfect this year! Let’s hope that everyone is able to be there, despite Corona, and enjoy the naked sporting event!

by Jos

Another nice day at the beach

June 27, 2020 in Environmental, Lifestyle, Naktiv

Yesterday I had another nice day at the beach and I made some photos..

by Jos

Corona without clothes?

April 1, 2020 in Environmental, Lifestyle, Naktiv, News

Having been in ‘almost lockdown’ at home for a few weeks now, I’m eagerly looking forward to better weather conditions. Next Sunday and Monday should be ok with temperatures rising up to 19 degrees here in Northern Germany.. But then, should I just go to the beach and practice social distancing there? The naturist beach will probably be empty enough to keep the required 1.5m distance..

by Jos

Winter 2019

January 15, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

It seems I’m yearly in need of sunshine when the North German weather is starting to get worse; end November, beginning December..

Last year I went to Fuerteventura, and this year I just went back there! Lessons learned, so I rented a car and booked a cheap place to stay, and took only a small suitcase with towels, flipflops, sunglasses and some summer t-shirts 🙂 Despite hitting my toe on the very first rock that I came across while wandering on the beach, I had a great time. Met some very nice people on the nudist beaches of Esquinzo, who shared their life histories, while bathing in the Atlantic (not so cold, but watch out for the jellyfish!) and bathing in the sunshine!

Next to all the naturism, I visited some nice towns and saw a sun set in the Atlantic, stunning..

Maybe next year I can go again: longer, not necessarily during winter, stay at the NaturistBNB, or go on a hiking trip through the mountains. Many great plans and ideas!

by Jos

First blog post: nude dishwashing

January 12, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv

Today was a pyjama Sunday.

With a stressful job as a researcher I sometimes allow myself this, just reading a bit on the sofa and drinking tea.. And I just got out of the shower at 4pm, put on a comfy bathrobe just to get warm again, and had taken up the idea of doing the dishes. Anyway, doing the dishes with a bathrobe is of course impossible with those long sleeves, so I took it of and started to do the dishes nude (or FKK as people like to call it here in Northern Germany). It was already dark on the street in front of the kitchen (I’m mean, it’s Scandinavia, so not unexpected), and only one light was shining in the appartment building in front of mine, on the first floor just as my appartment. So I was nakedly washing the dishes, and cleaning a bit of the kitchen, when I noticed the female neighbour from the other appartment also working in the kitchen naked! I do think she noticed me during my dishwashing and cleaning activities, but when I finished she had already gone. Next time I’ll waive 🙂


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