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  • Good Morning!! Haven’t posted for a couple days. That’s the third cuppa Earl Gray just to get me going this a.m. 🙂

  • Ma Nature is a fickle bitch this time of year in the FL panhandle. Tuesday we were out doing some nude (I was, anyway 🙂 ) brush cleanup and burning. A perfect day!! Today, I put longjohns and sweats on to take Maggie out to pee!!

    • Yes, I lived in Tampa for a year while I was stationed at MacDill AFB and the weather in the winter was crazy. Hot one day freezing the next.

      • I think we are about done freezing. Nighttime 40s and daytime 50-60s pushing gradually into the 70s. Can’t wait!!

  • Spent the day reroofing my RV at the nudist park. Sunny 70*F. A fun refreshing respite from the rain and gloom of panhandle winter.

    • Not too bad here. Got to about 64 degrees Fahrenheit, but too cold to be outdoors naked. I envy you being in Fla.

  • On the way home from BayBares park. Spent some time making a shopping list of stuff needed to repair RV hurricane damage.Maggie wore herself out playing with the other dogs. Out there again to apply silicone membrane seal to roof and bleach and Killz to ceiling where leaks and mold stains were. Good as new and fit for occupation…fingers crossed…[Read more]

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