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Why It Is Legal To Walk Around Kansas Naked:

Posted on March 16, 2019

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9 thoughts on “Why It Is Legal To Walk Around Kansas Naked:”

  1. Rich I did just that but on here it comes out as such. I found that when I copied it and pasted to Google it opened. Would you know what my prob is? The first blog went thru fine. I have to admit I am not that savvy with Techie things – but all ears if you know answers. Many thanks. Naked Johnny

  2. I managed to read it from Google’s cached copy – I assume that is what Johnny wanted us to do. I also assume that he didn’t copy/paste the whole story for copyright reasons (there is a copyright notice on it). I note that it declares that the story “was originally published on August 27, 2014.”, so it’s not new.

    To summarise: a man was seen, by several residents, to walk naked along a street in Topeka. When some of those residents complained – having taken photographs of him – the sheriff had to inform them that the man was not breaking any laws. Amusingly, “Several state legislators were contacted, and only one was vaguely familiar with the state statue.”

    Quite why ksn felt the need to repost this story on 16 March 2018 and what brought it to Johnny’s attention a year later, I don’t know. What worries me is that by exercising his right to walk naked in this way, this man could cause the state or local legislators to pass a law making it illegal; there is certainly a sense of incredulity that there isn’t such a law and it’s reposting four years after the event, surely constitutes ‘stirring’ for such a change in the law – at state level, given the title of the article!

    • Brian: What aroused my curiosity was that there was no law in Kansas of all places. I only read it in another newspaper. recently. I thought it newsworthy as I also see by arousing complaints, for this fellow doing this for what reason (?), this law will unfortunately be changed by those upset. It’s a curious article, in many senses.

      • “in Kansas of all places” – I have no idea what the reputation of Kansas is like (I live in the UK), so it is interesting you say that. If it was published again only recently in another newspaper, that can only mean that the guy has really stirred something that is not going to be forgotten easily. The only ray of hope is that they don’t seem to have rushed to pass any new laws, given that it has been over four years since the original incident and the media is finding it necessary to keep republishing the one and only incident?

    • Hehe! I’ve just noticed a typo in my summary above – but it is not mine; it is in the quote I copy/pasted from their article where the refer to “the state statue.” They mean the state statute, of course. Perhaps if the man had been a naked statue he wouldn’t have caused such a stir? Then again…


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