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NEWT 2017 Tent group report

August 30, 2017 in Naktiv

NEWT 2017 Tent group

For me the first day of the NEWT 2017 and start of my 7th participation of this fantastic naked experience. My first hike was in 2010, also with the tent.
A holiday starts when I jump in the car, driving to my final destination. After a half day of work, I left the office and drove south to a place near Eindhoven, to pick up Eveliina (NL). Together we drove in a relaxing way and for me mainly nude, to Lüdwigshafen. Here we planned a night in a hotel together with Jos (NL), who drove by himself to Austria. The hotel was quite run down, but it was cheap, so no big complaints. The evening we spent on a terrace near the Rhine river with some food and beers.

Leaving for Aurstia now and about 500 km to go. The trip went well and quick, up till the the A8 between Munich and Austria. Some traffic jams, but finally we arrived around 2:00 PM in the hut in Mühltal. Pascal and Clarisse where already there, including some others. The hut looked nice and in front of the hut was a nice flat meadow where we were allowed to install our tents. Very convenient actually.
The landlady was okay with our nudity, but we had to take a little care for the neighbors, but in the end no big problems, since it was very hard to see us naked.
In order to manage the food for the whole group I went down to Wörgl with Clarisse to pick up the pre-ordered food from Hofer. This was a full van with food and drinks! We planned to pick up some people, but there was no place for them, so they had to go by bus. Once up on the mountain the tent group members arrived slowely. Adam (UK), Roger (CH) and Verena (CH), Andrew (SK) and Eva (SK), Yves (F) and Anreas (D) made the group complete. 10 in total. Of course Elgar (N) the moose also popped up, like he does in every NEWT.
After unloading the van we noticed that not all the food was delivered and other food was delivered far too much, so Clarisse had to return to Wörgl and pick up the rest. In the meantime I prepared the dinner for the night, a spaghetti Bolognese. It seems that the food was okay for the group and after a desert and some drinks we decided to go to sleep. Outside the hut was an other issue. Jos had to call a garage to get his car back on the road. His car hang on the edge of the road and the mountain. Luckily no problems afterwards.

The first hiking day. We decided to do the first part of the walk together with the hut group and took trail 59 down to the river and climbed up the 55 to the Köglmoos. This was a steep path up and a pretty hard track to start the week. Specially with a temperature of 30 degrees. But we all succeed to climb up. After a break we continued to the Schatsbergalm, where we split up after the lunch. With the tent group we climbed up to the little lake near the Hahnkopf. At this lake we had a nice relaxing time, enjoying the fantastic panorama’s in almost every direction. First we had the plan to camp here, but decided to go to the Gipfo Alt first for some food and drink. During this climb we arrived at our summit of the day at 1902 meter. When we arrived at the hut, it was actually closed, but they were willing to serve us soup and drinks from bottles. That was very welcome, so soup and a fantastic beer for me! After serving the food, the owner left and we could stay on the terrace. When finished the food and drinks we had to find a place to sleep. Not far from this hut we found a small meadow to build the camp. We were right in time. Just after the tents were built up, a huge thunderstorm came over the mountain. The flashes were all around us and it was quite scary in these tiny tents. Later we learned that this was one of the heaviest thunderstorms since quite a while. Because of this bad weather we were in the tents and fell asleep quite early.

A new day and the sun was already shining, with stunning views from our camp place. Time for some breakfast and break up the camp. A quick coffee at the hut and continuing with our trek. We went down from the Hahkopf over a very steep but fantastic trail and ended up in the forest on road 28, the Alpenrosenweg. This trail leads through the forests, where the nature and scenery changes constantly. A beautiful trail to walk on. In the middle there was a sign that we were not allowed to continue, due to some works in the forest… We decided to continue and within a few minutes, the forester popped up. Well sorry, we feel guilty, etc., was good enough for him and could continue. After leaving the Alpenrosenweg, we choose the 55 to go down again. The same trail as the day before, but now in the other direction, with totally other views. Around 4:00 PM we arrived at the hut and were able to build our tents again. And more important, to take a shower!!! That felt fantastic. Since I promised the group to prepare some Indonesian food, we had time enough to make it. Unfortunately the rice did not cook well, but it looked that the group was satisfied. Maybe it was because they were hungry.

Today we left the hut area not together with the other group. They left by car and we by foot. It was quite relaxing and left about 9:00 AM to take track 60 and 57 in direction of Kogelweg. Not too difficult and in the forests. On our way some nice waterfalls and stunning nature. After descending a while we arrived at the Steinbach, where we had a nice break and a good swim in the river. This was very relaxing during this hot day, with temperatures of over 30 degrees again. From there we had the plan to make a stop at a hut, since it became hotter and hotter. Unfortunately the Klindlerhof had “ruhetag”. We decided to continue to the next hut at 1452 meter, the Holzalm. This walk was pretty rough, but at the end of the afternoon we reached this hut and had a fantastic goulash soup and schnitzels. This was very welcoming at that moment. After having this great break we had to say goodbye to Jos. He had to return to the Netherlands again. The rest of the group continued the trail to find a place to sleep. Not far from the hut we found a flat piece of land and decided to build up our camp. The location was very fine and convenient, with even a bench to sit on. This night we had some very luxury coffee, which was a present of Jos. We had the choice from Italian, French, Spanish and Irish coffee. Very posh during a trek! I also brought some liquor, which I got as a present from Joop. This liquor had a name which has to do with nudity. Joop (Dutch) joined the NEWT in 2011 and 2012 and became a very good friend of me. Unfortunately he passed away last year and I wanted to commemorate him during the NEWT, while camp in the mountains. So we had a toast on him and while having his drink, we felt some raindrops. Maybe some respond from above? We had a great evening together and finally we went to our tents for a proper sleep.

A wonderful day again. Slowly we woke up, had a breakfast and broke up our camp. Together with Ondrej and Andreas we went to the hut, to get some water for the group, since we ran out of water. Once back, we continued our trail and walked along the mountain, with stunning stone fields, waterfalls, flowers, trees and interesting information about a copper mine, which existed there long time ago. Everywhere you found green stones, which showed the existence of copper on these spots. We followed the 20 to Hösljoch and the 54 to the Schatzbergalm. The later part was over high wetlands, which was also fantastic, with its own charm and of course some friendly cows. There were lakes, meadows, forests, views…… like a fairy tale. From the Schatzbergalm we walked down to Thierbach. During the descend we were surprised by a huge thunderstorm and heavy rainfalls again. At that moment we were close to a hut, but they did not like naked people. We were dressed at that moment, but there were a lot of rumors. We were allowed to hide in the cow stable. So we were lucky and stayed dry. After this bad weather we decided to have a break at the Sollenwirt restaurant in Thierbach. Again, this was a welcoming break, just before returning to the hut again. The last part back to the hut was over tarmac, but not bad at all. When arriving at the hut, the chili con carne was ready and after a nice shower, we were okay for joining the dinner. In the meantime Christian (CH) arrived, to join the tent group for the last two days. After the dinner the tent group stayed outside and had some tasting of the different countries. Some cheese, some cookies, some homemade Slovakian spirits and a lot of fun together. It last until late…..

A new day with sun and warmth. Our goal was to take the Bummelbahn to the end station behind Auffach, to start our two day trek. Since the tent group was a little lazy and waited until the hut group left, we were quite late to catch out Bummelbahn. So some of the group hurried up and stopped the train. Once in the train it felt strange, because the front of the train was in the wrong direction. Well, it went wrong. Instead of going up, we went down to a gorge. This gorge seems to be very nice, but is overcrowded. Not a good idea for naked hikers. We had to come back again with the train and decided to do the trail in the opposite direction. From Mühltal we took the 1 up to the Roßkopf. Again a tough tour with 30+ degrees and 15 kg on your back. On the trail we found a hut, where we had some buttermilk and other drinks. During a short break, a group of Dutch hikers came along and seemed to be very interested in our group. In the afternoon we reached the saddle just under the Roßkopf with a little chapel. A nice place for a short rest. From there a steep path to the summit at 1731 meter. This was hard, but worth wile! What a stunning views! Here we had a good Kodak moment and after some nice pictures we continued to find a place to camp. Again a small flat piece of land, with a bench. Once we put up our tents, it started raining. Luckily it was not that long and we were able to have a dinner outside with again these posh coffee liquors, while enjoying the view and each other’s company.

The last hiking day. After having breakfast we found out that we were almost run out of water again. We had to find a place for refilling out water bags and bottles. Plan was to go to the Voreder Feldalm. The track to this alm was quite flat and lead along many lakes and berry bushes. In one of the lakes we had a nice swim and on the track we had been picking lots of berries. This was at least some liquid. In the end we reached the hut, where we had a nice drink and we were able to refill our bottles. The man was curious and asked us if we were the naked hikers. We admit and was very relaxed about it and said to us that it was okay to undress already on his terrace, so we did not need to do it later on. From this hut we started to climb to the first summit of the day, the Feldalphorn at 1923 meter. From there we continued to the Schwaigberghorn ( 1990 meter) and the Wildkarrspitze (1961 meter). All the summits were fantastic again. It feels so good to stand there on top of the world, just naked, feeling the sun, the breeze and the silence! One guy was not so happy with us, but that can happen. From the Wildkarrspitze we had to descend to 1100 meter to catch the Bummelbahn. This was a tough track. Going down so long is heavy for the knees. It was a long road down, but we were just in time to catch the train. Christian went down quicker to stop the train if necessary. Totally exhausted but so happy, we entered the train and went back to Mühltal. In Mühltal we took a beer or two in the brewery and since we spotted Clarisse and Horst, we had an offer to take our luggage to the hut. So the last 2 km were without luggage. Once in the brewery, it started raining cats and dogs. Just in time under a cozy roof! The last evening in the hut with some pasta and other nice food. A nice last evening, with a lot of emotion and very nice talks. Christian had lots of work to do, so he decided to leave for Switzerland.

Time to say goodbye. Another fantastic naked hiking week, with wonderful people around me. The people of the tent group were so great and worked together as one team! This is unique and I feel blessed to had these people around me. Around 9:00 AM I left with Eveliina, Yves, Bernard and Emma to Munich and from Munich I continued with Eveliina to the Netherlands. In Heerlen (NL) Eveliina took the train and I returned to Germany to drive to the Eiffel to join another naked hiking group of 20 persons, where I also met Jos again and the partner of Joop. Here we stayed in a hotel, where we had a nice dinner, a sauna and a real bed! That was great to feel again after 1 week of sleeping on mats.

A last hike of the holiday. No tents to break down, just a nice shower and a buffet for breakfast. The nature in the Eiffel was very nice, but so different from Austria. It was a relaxing last day, where Jos lead the group and I was the tail end Charlie. No high mountains and just a day pack on my back. Good conversations with the group and stories to tell about Austria. Some 15 km of hike and a big ice cream as a reward. From there I had to drive the final 3 hours back to my home in the Netherlands, where I arrived around 9:00 PM.

Higher Court rules nude hikers free

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Higher Court rules nude hikers free

The Higher Court in Leeuwarden acquitted naked hikers who were fined in the Horsterwold in Zeewolde in The Netherlands

On June 14, 2015 the police in Horsterwold near Zeewolde in the Netherlands, stopped naked hikers because they were hiking naked on a place that was not designated as a clothing optional place by the local municipality. The police came into action because someone called them.

The hikers have properly indicated to the police that they were of the opinion that, under Article 430a Penal Code, they had not committed any offense. This article indicates that undressed recreation outside place designated by the municipality (eg a nude beach), can be penalized with a fine of the first category, if the place is not suitable for nude recreation. As a police officer, he should be able to demonstrate why a particular place would be not suitable. In fact only a judge can speak judgment about this suitability in The Netherlands. Unfortunately, the police ignored their explanation and the hikers were fined with a fine of € 90, – per person.

Because the hikers did not agree in the decision of the police, they went to court. On December 7, 2015 the case came to the Cantonal Court in Almere. The court has determined that the hikers are recreating nude outside a location designated by the municipality, so they should to be fined and the judge judged this way. The judge was forgotten that Article 430a Penal Code makes a reservation. At all places, which are reasonably okay, is undressed recreation not forbidden. The prosecutor did, however, no research about the suitability of this area and did not proof that Horsterwold was unsuitable for nude recreation.

Still believing in their right, the naked hikers appeal to the Higher Court. On January 9, 2017 the hearing took place in the Higher Court in Leeuwarden. The Advocate General of the Prosecution got the possibility to show/proof why the Horsterwold would not be suitable for undressed recreation. Some evidence why this natural reserve is unsuitable still lacks and the prosecutor turned the case in the opposite direction. They stated during the hearing that the naked hikers had to prove that the area is suitable. This of course goes against all the rules and is also picked up by the Higher Court. Due to the fact that there is no single evidence from the prosecutor why it Horsterwold is not suitable for nude recreation and that the naked hikers could produce many documents showing that it is certainly suitable for undressed recreation, the Court acquitted the naked hikers today on January 23, 2017.



July 22, 2015 in Naktiv

The NEWT 2015 was for me a special edition of the NEWT. It was the 5th time I participated and it was the first time being the leader of a group. Richard asked me to lead the tent group, which was fine for me, but also a little exciting, since I had to do it by myself now. With the experience of the past editions and good company of the other participants in the tent group, it became a success.

At the 10th of July I left Amsterdam in the late afternoon to drive down to Belgium to meet Wilfried. Together we continued in the direction of Austria, while driving naked. Around Aschaffenburg we took a hotel to stay the night for some rest.

Saturday the 11th we continued in the direction of Munich to pick up Adam from the airport. The traffic was heavy so it took longer than we expected. After we picked up Adam, we had a stop in Munich for a visit to the Globetrotter to do the last shopping for the hike and for some lunch. The road to Salzburg was busy too, so we arrived in the early evening at hut A to bring a part of our food supplies. We took the wrong road, so we ended up on a trail with a barrier at the end of the road, just before the junction with the road we were expected to be. That meant half an hour back in the dark on a road with n possibilities to turn. But…. We had some luck, since it was a private road, the owner noticed us and came after us to open the gate. We were able to continue and deliver our goods at the hut of Pascal and Clarisse. Luckily it just had stop raining when we unpacked the car. After a quick meeting with group A, we continued to hut B of Richard. There we arrived in the dark and met also the other participants of the tent group. There were Roger and Verena with dog Vicky, Andreas and Santiago. So we were with 7. Number 8 was not arrived yet. Richard invited us to stay in the basement of the hut, so we did not need to build up our tents in the night. We were very grateful with his offer. After some nice conversation with the hut group we went to bed for a good rest.

The 12th of July was the first hiking day. The group went up with Richard as the leader. Wilfried and I went to Salzburg Airport to pick up Adam, the missing person. In the early afternoon we went up for a walk in the opposite direction of the other group. We walked up to the Ebenalm opposite the Stausee. There we had a nice drink and continued to the Lockenmoosberg. Walking in that direction we met the rest of the group. After a short meeting we continued and had lunch at a fantastic mountain lake in the middle of a moor. The way down was hard and steep, but through a very nice forest. Back at the hut we were able to rest a little, since the other group was not arrived yet. The walk was a 12,1 km hike with an elevation of 775 meter in total.
After the other group arrived we started to prepare dinner. As agreed the tent group cooked for the hut group and the menu was Indonesian this night. The desert we combined with a pre-birthday party of Wilfied. Cake with a candle, sparkling wine and accordion music from Roberto and Rocher made the party complete.

Monday was the first day of the trekking tour. A good breakfast and efficient packing were the last preparations for the hike. From hut B we took the Panoramaweg in direction of Russbach. Close to the pass we had a short lunch stop. After the stop we continued to the village of Russbach. In this nice small village we had our last pause before we left for the mountains. In Gasthof Kirchenwirt we had some drink and food. I have to say that the goulash soup was perfect. Since I had a little problem with my knee, I was looking for walking sticks. So I asked for a shop in the village, but there was no sport shop available. The lady from the restaurant offered me a pair of sticks to borrow. Very kind ☺ With a bandage and sticks we departed for a climb to the Traunwandalm where we planned to stay the night. The walk was stunning and in the early evening we found an empty hut with a small fenced garden and water. A perfect place to stay the night. Just after we built up the tents, it started to rain and the cows were very curious at the beginning. We were lucky that the hut gave us some protection in the rain, so we could place our rucksacks under the shelter of the hut. Half under the protection of the hut we prepared our dinner, which was not bad at all. Because of the rain we decided to go to sleep early. The walk of today was 14,4 km and the total elevation was 1034 meter in total.

On Tuesday we woke up in the rain and the clouds. Not the best way to start the day, but we were positive and at the moment we started to break up the camp it became dry. After packing we continued the walk in direction of the Angerkaralm. The trail lead us through a fantastic forest with loads of flowers and fantastic views. When we arrived at the alm, we discovered that the restaurant was still closed. Soon enough we were noticed and the lady opened the hut, so we were able to drink hot coffee and tea with cake and a tasty cheese and ham platter. Of course there was obstler available. This stop gave us the possibility to recover and were ready to continue to hut A. The route was good to do, but had to pass some villages, so we had to dress a couple of time. Close to the Moosbergalm we made an extra stop on a nice meadow. While sitting there, the cows were not so happy with our presence and started to cheat us. Jacky and the cows were not the best combination and Santiago had to play the torero to stop the cows. The end of the story was that we had to flee for the animals. From here we continued to hut A, where we arrived after a short walk. The length of the walk was a convenient 10,2 km, with a total elevation of 371 meter. At hut A we were welcomed with a nice dinner and were able to make our camp opposite the hut, around a big fire place. After a good dinner at the terrace we moved to the fire place where we sat together with wine and beer around a big bonfire.

The Wednesday was a day of walking with a daypack. So a little rest for the tent group. By car we went to Voglau for a walk to the Seewaldsee. This lake was stunning in between the mountains. There we had a nice pick nick and were able to swim. The other people around the lake were fine with our nudity and enjoyed the warm summer sun. During our walk we picked fresh herbs for the dinner. The walk was 13,4 km, with 585 meter of elevation.
This evening was our turn to cook for the group and pasta with the fresh herbs was on the menu. Again a nice evening with home made snacks and drinks and of course good conversation. Pascal and Clarisse invited us to sleep in the hut, so we were able to leave the next day with dry equipment.

Thursday we had to pack again and since we had to walk a long trail, we had to bring a lot of water. The first part was going down to the Simonshutte. Before we left for the nature we had a last stop at a restaurant at the Postalm for some drinks. Part of the trail was the Saint Rupert Pilgrim trail. It felt nice to walk this path naked. Partly in the forest and partly over tarmac. Also this trail was stunning. Near the Simonshutte we had a lunch at the bank of the river. A good place to recover for a while. From there we had to climb till the pass at the Bärenpfad. This began comfortable, over a forest road, but suddenly it stopped and had to climb over a trail to the summit. This was quite heavy and steep. But we succeed and reached the top at the end of the afternoon. From there we had to descend over a very steep path to an empty river bedding. From there we had to find a place to sleep, but more important we also needed water. Finally after a couple of kilometres we found a river and a meadow to camp. There was one problem, it was opposite a house. We asked the owner of the house and he was okay, but it was not his land. The ranger passed us and allowed us to stay the night there. Because it was a hot day, we were surprised with a thunderstorm and some rain. So not a nice evening to sit and talk, but a quick dinner and after that laying in the tent with a nice glass of wine. The tour of today was 17,4 km, with an elevation of 687 meter. A long and heavy day.

Already the last day of the treck. Santiago and Ian decided to skip the last part and walked to the village. After breakfast and filling up our water bottles in the river, we started our climb. Slowely it became very hot and during our climb, the trail disappeared. With map, GPS and compass we succeed to continue. On the trail we had a long stop, to recover a while, because of the difficulty of the trail and the extremely high temperatures. Also this trail was stunning and the views were fantastic. It was worth to climb this part. At the other side of the mountain we decided to go to the Ingmoosalm, over meadows, paths and forest roads. Luckily the hut was open and the lady welcomed us for a drink and some goulash soup. Since we all were tired we asked the lady to call a taxi to bring us to hut B. The locals were surprised about our route, since they don’t know anybody who crossed the mountain from where we came. Around 7 pm we arrived at hut B, where we had a dinner with them who were still there. They welcomed us nicely and we had a nice dinner together of the leftovers. After that we were invited to stay in the empty and warm beds in the hut. The evening was rainy, stormy and there were a lot of lightings, very cosy. The tour was 10,3 km with an elevation of 915 meter.

Saturday was time to say goodbye for everybody. Ready for heading north for the way back home. First a small visit to Salzburg for a lunch and to buy Sachertorte. In the afternoon we dropped Adam at Munich Airport and I and Wilfried went to Munich for a dinner and a short sight seeing.

Finally on Sunday I was home at 11 pm sharp after a fantastic naked hiking week with great people around me. Thanks for that!!!

In total we walked 77,8 km, and climbed 4367 meter, which makes 121,47 in total.

What says the Dutch law about naturism and how is it in your country

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What says the Dutch law about naturism?
Naturism is described in section 430a of the penal code.?"A person who
is nude outside a naturist area designated so by the municipality, or
one who is nude at or near a public thoroughfare or any place not
designated for nude recreation will be punished with a fine of the
first category (maximum � 380,-)."

This law means that a municipality can point out an area, which is
designated for naturism. ?If a municipality does not designate a
specific area for naturism, it will not mean that naturism is
prohibited on this spot.?

A municipality can not decide whether naturism is allowed or not on a
location. Just the judge is the only person who can do so. ?But the
Dutch police sometimes have their own opinion and are not necessarily
familiar with the details of section 430a of the penal code. I

In The Netherlands everybody has the right to point out the law to the
police (so carry the law text with you). If the police decide to give
you a penalty for nudity on a location where naturism was allowed or
tolerated in the past, or where nudity is reasonably acceptable,
consider not to pay and go to court.

Most naturists in this situation won their cases.? Whether a location
is suitable for naturism or not has to be decided by the judge. A nude
walk through a shopping street will not be accepted in general,
naturism near a quiet pond most likely will be.? Naturism in your own
garden is definitely allowed. The only restriction is that you should
not be visible from a public road. Neighbours cannot complain and a
judge will decide in the favour of the naturists.

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