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The awesome #socialmedia #network for #naked people.

Posted on May 3, 2014

Naked folk across the world decry the puritan censorship of mainstream socialmedia networks, yet continue to use them because of a paucity of options. Now there is a true alternative, designed especially with naked people in mind.

This is a place where being Naked Online OK. A place where it's possible to share information, photos, blogs, links, events and friendship, with each other, and out to Faceache and Twixxer and many others too, and back again. A place to discuss naked issues from many sides and to see clearly how mainstream society needs a wake-up call regarding simple harmless nudity. It's a free social media network, and if you like it, please tell your friends!

Welcome to the Naktiv network!

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10 thoughts on “The awesome #socialmedia #network for #naked people.”

  1. I have been on forums before but never on a social media network. After much research I chose to join this one. I believe there is much potential here to communicate an accurate portrayal of nudist and naturist culture and counter common myths and misconceptions as well.

  2. Yes, I find myself spending so much more time on this site than on FB. Unfortunately, I can't tell most of my friends because they are strictly (and sometimes self-righteously) textile.


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