by Steve

Things have disappeared….!

December 15, 2021 in Naktiv

Hi all

I had lots of pictures and friends on this site….but they’ve disappeared…!!

Anyone got any idea’s as to how that as happened..?

by Steve

Naked Goal of 2015

February 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone,
I am planning to introduce my girlfriend to the world of naturisme this year….she is already excited about us doing some naked picnics etc in the countryside around here…I'm hoping she will feel the freedom I feel…if so,I then want to introduce her to camping at my favourite naturist site…A place I know she will feel freedom she has never felt before..
That's my 'Naked Goal of 2015'

Is there something in your Naturist life you have not done yet, that you want to achieve in 2015…??

by Steve

Naturist Camping

September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello all…
I am interested in putting together a list of the best naturist camp site's around Europe….and why they are..!
I'll kick this off by sharing with you and recommending a most natural site I 1st stayed at in 2002..
It's called ' La Moulin du Ronde, in Vatan,which is in the middle of France.The most natural site I have ever been on,small…about 4 acres..a small lake(a photo on my profile of me on it)..all pitches are created by nature it's self,natural barriers between each pitch,wild flowers,wild growth….a smallish round pool,a wooden cabin outdoor bar..indoor and outdoor shower's..I only ever use the outdoor one's(I have my favourite one),A small barn with 2 fridges and a cooker in it..which has been useful when my camping gaz has run out…The camp peacock certain to pay you a visit :)No light's on the at night it is dark….you get to see the star filled sky.. And the owners Philip and Sarah are really nice…in fact they have become my fiends and we often share a glass of wine together..

What sites have left an impression on you..?? Share with us..!!

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