Naturism camping Slovakia

  • Soloweek from 2 to 8 of june. The Soloweek is a week full of fun, activities, excursions and full board.
    With activities such as sauna,
    boules and eating together.
    But also culture sniff in beautiful Slovakia during organized excusions.

    In short, a week full of fun especially for the single naturist.
    Tiny house “Cherry” is still available in the…[Read more]

    • Looks like great hiking country too, and the sheep seems happy to go along 🙂

    • Nice to see that single naturists are welcome. I continue to be baffled that sites don’t generally like singles (male) so well done for bucking that trend.

    • I applied to 2 naturist resorts near me a couple of years ago but neither got back to me. Not even a polite thanks but no thanks. Is it any wonder so many clubs are in dire financial situations when they treat would be members this way?

      • Bad customer service whichever way you look at it.

  • In summer we have a lot of chickens. We haven them for their eggs and cosiness. These chicks are only one day old.

  • For the children and theire parents.

    We have a petting zoo. With small pigs, horses a cow, rabbits, goats sheep, cats and a dog. Sometimes an animal gets ill. on the photo is Margo feeding a sick chicken. We hope she will survive.

    • Great to see people taking care of their chickens. Too often these days they’re cooped up in mass-egg-production-farms and not given the run of the land. I’ll post a couple of mine too.

  • Hi there,
    We want to introduce ourselves.

    We are Mark and Margo. We live on a naturist campsite in Slovakia. Our age is 50 and 54 years old.
    We are from the Netherlands, but we moved to Slovakia in 2011. We manage a Naturist campsite in Slovakia. We will share this experience with you on this site. Don’t be hesitant to ask us questions. We will…[Read more]

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