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    Kieran - "Who is moderating Naktiv these days? I made a recent posting wish people a happy new year. The posting was removed from the site that same day! I am not mistaken about this, my posting had definitely gone live. […]"View
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    Woodie Smith - "@anitata Wonderful inspirations of nature!"View
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    Benfro - "I have been quite ill for the last year. My treatment is working well, and I am returning to the site. Still finding opportunIties to get naked in Wales and Australia."View
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    Marc - "@richinud please help! There may be some security issues that allowed spammers to enter."View
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    Jo Dunne - "@natyoural Just read your post about no-one starting conversations, and that struck a chord, so I thought I’d leave you a message! Hope you drop by and enjoy my profile, and maybe have a chat. Jo"View
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    Franck - "I’ve been away from here for months now but 2018 was a very good year for naked hiking, so let me share those marvelous moments with you. These photos were taken in February, as always in the French south Alps near Gap."View
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    Damien O K - "Damn, I didn’t realise it was so long since I’ve been on here, guess that’s what happens when day 2 day life gets so busy that one day rolls into the next and on"View
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    FOREY CHRISTOPHE - "bonjour à tous, le site a-t-il changé? je ne reconnais plus rien?…"View
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