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Big Nude Boat 2019

Posted on February 7, 2019

I went on the Carnival Sunshine chartered by Bare Necessities for the Big Nude Boat 2019 Cruise.  I really enjoyed it after the first day when we left Florida on January 25, 2019.  It was cold that day, but warm and mostly sunny after that.  

Being nude most of the time with almost 3000 other nudists while seeing shows, eating and doing other activities on the ship was a fantastic experience.  I was nude almost all the time except while eating in the dining rooms.  I would have preferred being nude there, too.   I don’t see why we had to dress in both dining rooms at both dinner times.   At least they were casual, not formal.  I would prefer they were clothing optional as well.   A highlight of the cruise was passengers competing in a costume contest based on “Two Worlds Collide” between Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.  There were clothing optional passenger talent shows, lip-syncing contests, dancing and seminars as well as the recreational activities of the Carnival Sunshine.

I went on excursions to four beaches that were reserved for us so nudity was allowed on those days.  After the first day at sea, we reached Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas on January 27.  It was beautiful and seeing over 2000 nudists on the long beach there was amazing.  A good lunch was provided at Half Moon Cay.  After the second day at sea, Ocha Rios, Jamaica was the next stop on January 29, 2019.   I went on a paid excursion there to all-inclusive Puerto Seco Beach Club just for Carnival Sunshine passengers that day.   It included a great beach and facilities, non-motorized water sports, on the water obstacle course, great food and unlimited bar drinks.   The staff there were fantastic though visitors to the beach are not usually nude.   The third stop after another day at sea was Mohogany Bay, Roatan on January 31.   I got a great massage, lunch and a Hurricane drink on the beach there.  The next day, February 1, we were at the fourth and last destination, Cozumel.  I went on an speedboat excursion to Passion Island.   It included a beautiful beach, great food and unlimited drinks (including “Sex on the Beach”).   However, it was just too short because we had to leave to return to the ship at 1:00 after getting there at 10:00am.

If members of the Sunshine crew were bothered by nudity, they didn’t let it show and they treated us great.  I met passengers from many different places and various ages, races, etc. who enjoy casual social nudity.   At age 70, the Big Nude Boat 2019 was my first nude vacation.  I enjoy visiting nudist resorts near home and nude 5Ks, but I hope I can go on more nude vacations including other nude cruises and all inclusive resorts.

I would like to thank MrTexas for going on the cruise with me and for taking the photo on Half Moon Cay with the Carnival Sunshine in the background.   I enjoyed his company and it also helped with the cost of the cabin.


13 thoughts on “Big Nude Boat 2019”

  1. It was great that we could be nude everywhere except the dining rooms when not in port. I wanted to add that I especially enjoyed being nude in the gym with other nudists while working out, doing yoga, etc. I haven’t been able to do that anywhere else yet.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Don. I have never been up for a cruise and always steered our vacation plans to land-based ones where we could go where we wanted to and do what we wanted to do using our destination as a hub for activities or our route as the activity. A nude cruise seems to be the next logical step for me except that my mobility is kind of limited by COPD. Probably need to check with cruise folks on shat kind of accommodations are available for folks who can’t do a lot of walking or stair climbing.

    Does sound like a great time was had by all. Definitely going on my bucket list.

    • There were elevators on the ship to every deck except the jogging and miniature golf course decks. Different ships will have different things, but I’m sure they all can accommodate people with limits on walking and stairclimbing. There were some passengers who were riding around in their scooters on the ship. It would be a good idea to check on the particular cruise you are interested in.

  3. I read another trip report on the cruise on another blog as well and it seems the cruise is just amazing. Although I’m not a cruise fan and did not think about doing one, I put this one on my nudist bucket list! Thank you for sharing Don!


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