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A message from far (or close!)

May 6, 2020 in Naktiv, Uncategorized

Hello fellow Nudists and Naturists!

I hope you are doing well during the COVID-19 pandemic. I myself am well, and have had the chance to have lots of nude time at home. A few plans of mine have come to fall, as a local nudist club decided to close down because of the pandemic; I was genuinely bummed out (I wanted to experience my first social nudism/naturism interaction!)

Although I have not been very active/talkative on Naktiv, I try my best to be. I enjoy the photographs and posts that are being placed by members. They always put a smile on my face!

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy, and Stay Naked <3

The pest on Naktiv called “Nudie News”

January 24, 2020 in Protest, Uncategorized

Attention, please.

I have a complaint. Has anyone noticed someone creating a pingback on your blogs leading to this website called “Nudie News”? I have, two of my posts. They directly copy your content and paste it on their website; picture and all. This has to stop. It needs to be put to this person’s attention that IT IS NOT OKAY to copy one’s content, ESPECIALLY NUDE CONTENT without the creator’s explicit permission.

Since it has happened to me for the 2nd time, I am considering taking legal action against the aforementioned website.

If you look at a blog created in the last 5 to 7 days and scroll through the comments, you will eventually see a “pingback” leading to Nudie News Today.

Look. I appreciate it if someone really likes my content, but I do not condone straight-up theft of my content WITH A NUDE PICTURE when nobody has asked me.

We are all equal

January 24, 2020 in Lifestyle, Naktiv, Philosophy, Protest, Uncategorized

Remember that we are all equal. We are all human. Everyone is nude; I am. You are. Your neighbors are. Your parents are. Your children are. Even your colleagues are.

When going shopping. While at work. When going out for a walk. When going out with friends. Nakedness cannot be avoided. All we are doing is covering this nudity with “fashion”. Clothing… It serves no proper purpose. Okay, yes, it protects us from the elements like rain and the winter snow, or the burning sun on a hot summer day. But for the most part, it serves no purpose other than to hinder your body and restrict its movement.

Your body should be able to move freely without being restricted. It should be allowed to breathe without being suffocated. It should be allowed to soak up the sun, without just limiting it to uncovered areas. Nudity has healthy benefits, yet nobody seems to understand. Society is forcing us to cover our bodies. It is sometimes seen merely as a sexual object. Even an accidental flash, if you forget to close the curtains of your home, can land you on a sex offender list; it’s ridiculous.

Where are the days when it was strange to see a human clothed but not to see a human naked? Where are the days where we had the choice to wear clothing or not? And how long will it take for society to accept the human body as just the human body again and allow people the choice whether they want to wear clothing, or go out in public naked?

All we should be carrying with us is a small satchel or backpack for our essentials. We shouldn’t be forced to wear clothes. We shouldn’t be forced to restrict our body movement. We should not be forced to suffocate our bodies or restrict them from soaking up the sun. Naked is how we are supposed to be.

(Want to post this on your website? Please ask me for permission before taking the content or linking it. Reposting elsewhere without my permission will be met with legal action.)

We are all humans

January 20, 2020 in Art, Lifestyle, Naktiv, Philosophy

What I see here is a human being. A body, beauty in one of it’s most natural forms. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It has evolved itself over thousands, if not millions of years. Some of us decide to alter our bodies to fit our mental image of ourselves (transgenders), some of us like to display art on them (tattoos), and some even like to display jewelry (piercings).

We are walking pieces of natural beauty. We are artistic beings. We are a canvas that we can adjust however we want. Yet, there are human beings out there that keep sexualizing the human body; treating it as if its a dirty object. It is a shame. We should be proud of who we are and what we are. We should be allowed to publicly display our beauty and live our lives in whatever way we want.

I am longing for the day when it is allowed to go out in public fully nude, carrying only a hip bag or similar to carry our essentials. The day where everybody accepts everyone for whom and what they are and does not judge on looks, but embraces one’s natural beauty.

The Return of Naktiv; adapting to the changes

January 18, 2020 in Naktiv, Uncategorized

Finally, Naktiv has returned! I was worried it was taken down because of legal reasons.

I’m trying my best to adapt to this new style that Naktiv has decided to adopt. To be more blog centered is nice, but it felt just a little nicer being a bit of a social media outlet. Either way, it still seems to be the best of the best.

Hopefully, within the next few months as we head for Spring and Summer, I will be able to visit the local nude beach for my first social nudism experience! I can’t wait to feel the spring or summer sun on my bare skin. I have been longing for the moment for so long. So far, all I have done is some home nudism. I have considered going to a nude swimming event held bi-weekly at a nearby swimming pool, but it’d probably be better to go there with a friend.

Anywho. It is nice to see everyone has, or is still returning to Naktiv. I hope the website continues to grow!

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