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I am a transman with one daughter and my hobbies include spending time with my child, playing guitar, singing karaoke, listening to classic rock and roll music, cross stitch, playing video games, motorcycling, reading and of course going in the buff. 😉 I am bisexual and proud of it and I am looking for friendship with women & men who share the same interests as me.  I have always identified more strongly with the male sex and I do wear a packer that I can use to pee through and let me tell you that it’s a lot easier to pee through this packer then to sit on a dirty toilet in a public restroom or try hovering in the woods when hiking. As a child, I had very little interest in dolls, and would much rather play with toy cars. I often said that I wanted to grow up to be a man. So, in this female body is actually a male and I feel very complete wearing a man’s penis in my underwear. I like having the little bulge and the stand to pee option. 💋❤️

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