Naked Village

Posted on April 8, 2019

Summer Village


4 thoughts on “Naked Village”

  1. That why i am advocating a naked homeland for all naturists from around the world..we all have piece of land..with time when we have enough citizens then we can ask to be under United nations..I called it United Naturist Republic..where nudity is compulsory.

  2. To walk naked and free in any village or town is an ideal that many of us are searching for. Yes we have places like Cap D’Agde, but how much better would it be if your own town or village would accept social nudity? Imagine a very warm day as you begin your daily routines, you discover you need more milk from the store, without putting on any clothing at all you just collect your wallet/purse/pouch and stroll out. In the store there are a few other customers, some clothed & others partially dressed, in your own nakedness you purchase your milk and stroll happily along the way, what a perfect dream!
    Will your town or village ever be included in your ideal day naked?


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