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A new nude arrives.

September 19, 2021 in Lifestyle

Our niece Lisa has recently given birth to their second son, who arrived beautifully on time and at home! Yes in the UK it is uncommon to have a baby at home, the news sent minor shock waves through her neighbourhood. Although the actual birth happened just after 7am the sight of a (precautionary) ambulance sent the gossips into overdrive! The comments pre-birth that came from the midwife were a little unusual because she was more than impressed with Lisa’s top-to-toe suntan and her willingness to be covered in as little material as possible during the birthing. Lisa having told about naturism and her love of camping, told the busy midwife that as the baby would obviously arrive naked  she wanted to be naked too.

Andrew was on time as far as dates were concerned but he surprised us all with his ‘time’ of arrival. Their seems to have been a tradition of midnight arrivals for many years, Lisa herself came at 0.35am and her first son made his noisy and uncomfortable arrival at 23:15. So now we are settling again to a reasonable routine and making ourselves available for babysitting duties. The quiet new child is a pleasure to watch over, he makes no interest in the two unclothed ‘oldies’ that seem to use him as a parcel to pass around, he feeds regularly and like his carers he would rather ‘feed–burp–fart–sleep’ than anything else.


Alone, we bare it !

January 21, 2021 in Uncategorized

Has your daily routine been affected by the covid-19 epidemic ?  We have been a little more restricted to staying within our own home, although that hasn’t been such a major change it has been more noticed when we have really wanted to be with other members of our small family. We don’t usually have a ‘travel’ lifestyle these days, we have some routine journey’s that tend to become extended just to feel more connected with the real world. Our poor mobility has been an issue for us for quite a few years now, the onset of covid-19 has just sealed us both more than ever indoors.

Our family cannot visit, apart our niece Lisa who is in our ‘bubble’ and keeps us up to date with food supplies and more vitally with medical supplies. Even then we all have to wear masks and Lisa also wears a visor. It’s funny I suppose when we three are family, naked & wearing protection from an invisible but deadly virus.  We talk to people on the phone at least once every day but we do feel isolated and it’s seemingly going to be for a few more months yet.

Greetings & Expectations.

November 28, 2020 in Uncategorized

As the festive season approaches and thoughts of ‘decorating’ the tree or even your home bring palpitations. We remember years gone by when our home was filled with family & close friends, all adding to the wonderful atmosphere and the hopes of better times ahead.  This year sadly my wife & I will be alone, except maybe for neighbours popping in for a little while. Most of our friends have moved on, some have even passed away ! Lisa & her family are away for Christmas week and they could be back the day before New Years Eve. Our carers (care givers) will no doubt slightly increase their visits and one of them, who has become a real friend, will be coming to share & help with our dinner on Christmas Day.   No matter who comes into our home (& our lives) over this festive period, they will see us naked as usual. Although we have felt the cold more recently and have been tempted into woolly socks, pants & woolly cardigans to shield a little more.  We do have a log burner blasting out the heat on some days and no doubt it will gain full use for at least a week or so, to make our meagre festive time at least very warm.  We think our quiet neighbours “Maquires” will pop in for a glass of wine to toast the season, what they will think about actually seeing the flesh of two pensioners is to be puzzled about. We have briefly spoken over the garden fence & they didn’t seem too concerned when we spoke about our lifestyle choices. So maybe the experience of sharing an hour with us will either affirm our neighbourly friendship or make it quite ‘frosty’ and a little distant. We hope we’ll enjoy the season come what may. We certainly want to wish all of our acquaintances here in Naktiv world a very happy & peaceful festive season, good health & prosperity for all coming years !

The quiet man !

November 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

I have seen kindness from an unexpected person that has restored my faith in my fellow man. My wife has been in hospital now for 2 weeks, she needed to have a small but urgent operation on her bowel. After the operation which was very successful she developed unexpected complications quite suddenly. When I was allowed to, I stayed at her bedside, but the dreaded covid-19 has created many more problems in hospital with restrictions on visiting and what can be taken into the wards.  My neighbours eldest son has always seemed to be a bit quiet & aloof, not a very sociable person and most likely to look away than look towards you.

I waited for my taxi to take me visiting one Sunday afternoon, it was quite late and I had been informed that it was about another 10 minutes away. In a moment of temper I let out a loud curse word as I stood by our gateway.  The son with an awkward nature was just at his own car when he heard my profanity !  To my surprise he came over and spoke to me, “Excuse me interrupting your anger, I am Richard Maquire and I’m a senior consultant where your wife is having treatment, ” my mouth fell open, I gasped for air as he continued ” I guess you’re feeling stranded Mr Thompson and I am just about to set off to go to the hospital, maybe you would want to travel with me to see Mrs Thompson?”

I think my head nodded acceptance before I could regain any speech at all. As I lowered my self into his luxurious motor I found myself saying, “I am so thankful Mr Maquire, the taxi firm is becoming very unreliable.”  As we soon arrived at the hospital I realised that my saviour had not yet spoken to me. I thanked him once again for his very appropriate kindness and offered to contribute towards his fuel cost for the journey. As we parked in his reserved bay at the rear of the hospital he turned and said to me,  “My parents often speak about you & your lady wife, they told me a few years ago about your caring and ‘unusual’ family, they really admire your chosen way of living and I confess to being a little jealous too.  If I could gather the courage I would take up naturism, but sadly it’s not in my heart” As we left his car and entered the main building he suddenly turned to enter a side door on the corridor, he briefly spoke and said, “I wish you both well, your wife will soon make a good recovery!”  Then he was gone!

My wife is on the mend, she’s looking & feeling much better. The hospital seem to be slightly relaxing some restrictions on visiting.  I haven’t seen Mr Maquire recently but his father was chatty today, he brought a bunch of flowers to my door and said that they were a gift to us from all of his family, including the reticent son.  People still have the ability to surprise me, even the quiet ones !

Our Gang’s Days

September 27, 2020 in Lifestyle

When we were young teenagers my sister & myself would always enjoy our ‘adventure days’ together. School holidays were always the excuse to gather a few friends and go off on our ‘Adventure to Africa’. Actually it was a trek to a wooded area about two miles away from our home village!

We had our ‘gang’ and we each knew who was leader ‘Chief’ for the day. Sometimes we would venture well into the forest following the slow running stream as it trickled and meandered towards ‘Millers Pond’, an area we all knew very well. My sister Lorraine was as tough as any boy and often had to arm wrestle to regain her place as leader with me. Our pals George & Barry were twins, Harry, Graham, Kath & Trevor were our usual group and many times we were joined by Brenda with her Border Collie dog.

On one such adventure we arrived at our regular ‘campsite’ and pulled out our big canvas sheet that we had hidden beneath a tree and camouflaged with branches & leaves. We quickly put up the sturdy branches that we used as tent supports and our canvas shelter was soon our home for the day. Four of us, myself & Lorraine, Brenda & Harry, would strip down to ‘knickers’ and use mud and ‘river muck’ to mark our chests as gang people. We never really got the others to take any clothes off. The sight of young breasts and bared chests were sometimes just too much for some ‘weakies’ and it made it very easy to maintain our leader status. We made our site markers by fastening a long piece of rope around a few tree’s and draping our clothes over the rope lines. We had many ways & plans to fill up our day and it always seemed that the day went too quickly. George & Barry seemed to be able to guess quite well what the time would be, they had a knack of knowing by their ‘belly rumbles’ how near to home time we would be getting. Lorraine & Brenda soon got up onto our ‘rope & tyre’ swing and got it swinging wildly as they impersonated their female versions of Tarzan & Jane, they also did impressive ‘monkey noises’ as they also were pet monkey’s  of Tarzan and Jane. We waded along the stream as we pretended to look for fish, we never saw anything remotely resembling a fish! We sometimes spotted an old tramp called ‘Stinko Bob’ at his own little camp-fire place at the western side of the woods. We avoided him and his smell and made our way back to camp. Lorraine & Brenda were getting dressed again and we all started to pack up. This day was almost done, the long walk home would complete our day as we sang & laughed, jumped on walls, skipped & tripped, back to our tea’s & normal home times.

We totally enjoyed these adventure days, now way too far back in history, not too many off us survived. My sister passed away in 1996, Trevor in 1990,  George & Barry emigrated to New Zealand in 1975 and Brenda married a London executive and lives in Chelsea. Over the years that have gone by way too quickly I have thought & pondered how life was for us way back then, young teens wondering off miles from home, playing in forests, no real idea of time and certainly no way of contacting anyone else, no fears or worries (apart from Stinko Bob). I wonder if todays teens would leave there phones & tablets at home and adventure away as we did?  What’s your guess ?

Cover or No Cover

July 28, 2020 in Uncategorized

It is a good thing to wear a mask in public places such as shops or on public transport, no one really questions that now. The problem arises when someone with a medical condition affecting their breathing, having some kind of bronchial ailment, is excused wearing masks. Then somehow people like bus drivers or checkout staff have to decide if the person standing in front of them does genuinely have a medical reason to not wear a mask or is this person a rebel who will not put a mask on?  When our niece Lisa arrived back home by train on Saturday she was wearing her mask, throughout her entire journey. A woman who had travelled on the same train had not worn a mask at anytime, was questioned as she left the train by a security guard who simply asked, “Will you please wear a mask or face covering in all public area’s and on transport?” Instead of claiming some kind of medical excuse she launched a tirade of verbal foul language and called the dumbstruck guard everything she could bring to mind. Lisa simply said, “You might catch an infection from someone just like yourself who doesn’t wear a mask, I wear one to protect you, think about it!”

The entire controversy about the effects of this pandemic will cause more issues than the virus itself. Even naked we wear masks when someone else comes into our space, we ask them to do the same. It can cause a lot of laughter too, when we first asked Lisa & her son to put a mask on she said with laughter,  “I always get naked here & I feel free & relaxed, but you ask me to cover my face, nice !”

Love Lives On.

July 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

Sadly my soul mate, my sister Lorraine passed away in 1996. Only a couple of months later my amazing & emotionally very strong mother passed away too. Those beautiful people were the corner stones of my world, either one would always be there for me and would always care & share the best of times along with the rest. It takes some doing to carry on when the fabric that held me together was just.. gone ! Then I began to understand was that apart from all of those years that I had shared the bond with these golden women, I had changed myself over those years too, the things I take from the times I knew with them is love, trust, loyalty, caring, compassion and so many things. I also believe that the spirits of my lost loved people are always there to watch over me, guide me & love me. They had joined my dad who left this life in 1959 and my sister Kathryn who had gone in 1981. I have always known my dad was in touch with me, now the spirits of my family together were my tightest watch over, they were not gone, just moved along.  The touch and the hugs may have left but the love lives on. I know that so many don’t understand or accept that the spirits of loved ones watch over us. I know many totally ridicule the idea that souls move to the spirit world in order to still guide us, help us. I know they are there, love lives on.

Jam & Cream on it?

May 31, 2020 in Uncategorized

Back in 1966 I was just leaving school at 15 years old, I had a job to go into straight away which was pretty good. In that area it was a predominantly coal mining area, my mother and older siblings were ‘evacuated’ away from a major port, so I guess my options could have also included going to sea trawling for fish. Many here in the UK will have heard of the tragedies that were almost a regular occurrence at sea, it was never a real plan of mine. I didn’t fancy coal mining either so I got a job in a bakery ! The downside to that job was having to be at work for 5 am, one of the positives was the produce I got to take home at ‘cost price’ such as a bread loaf because it was damaged, like a corner knocked off? (I wonder how that happened?).

There were so many good times that I had working there, the smells of food baking was so appetising. The first ‘happy’ event that happened to me was the ‘initiation’ that I had, ( I was previously warned by a good colleague), one morning just as I had changed into my whites (that’s white trousers, white shirt & white apron) I was asked to go to the cake decoration area. That was slightly odd because I mainly worked on bread production. When I went into the room it looked odd that around 15 women were circled around the huge centre table/work bench, then I was suddenly aware that I was being lifted off my feet and made to lay on my back on the table. Then all I was aware off was a sea of females looking down onto me and laughing as lots of hands just took off all my clothing from my waist down. I couldn’t struggle, even if I had wanted to, then I felt a sticky wet & cold moisture around my genitalia, I looked and saw small mountains of Jam all over me, the females massaged it in and then added fresh cream & handfuls of raisins & mixed fruit. More hands joined in as things became ‘aroused’ for me! Suddenly all the females vanished, I lay half naked with a vast mixed cream & Jam mess between my legs. Then a man came in and laughed, he flicked my erect penis with his finger & told me to just pull up my trousers & report to the bread ovens.  That morning was sticky, wet, hot & a real lot of laughs.

That was 1966, I guess similar things would just never happen now. P.S. I never saw or was invited to a female initiation? I wonder what happened there, my brain makes its own pictures !

Peaceful Day?

May 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

It’s so easy to enjoy a simple basic life, specially when the sun is out and the heat (here in the UK) hits 24c. We can’t travel too far as you know and our days are fairly restricted mobility wise, so whatever time and space we can get to enjoy some natural naked sun time, we’re sure going to take it. Yesterday we were both determined to just lay out in the sun and do totally nothing!  By 10 am we were both laid out on our lounger chair/beds having seen off our first ‘carer’ session of the day. Kelly didn’t seem to happy at first, leaving two senior citizens laid naked on the patio and not totally out of view of passing neighbours. We had two long cold drinks, a small supply of crossword & quiz books, we had our phones right there next to us, we had the lovely sounds of birds in the trees and in the distance we heard the laughter & playful sounds of children playing in the park.

We don’t ask for much now at the autumn (fall) of our lives, we just need our little home, our family & close friends, as long as we have peace & reasonable health each day we seek no more. Right through the day we only had two interruptions, first was our niece Lisa calling by to check on us, she got stripped and had an hour with us before dashing off again, then we had a neighbour (Tom) calling in. He sometimes calls by, when he thinks he hasn’t seen us for a few weeks. He strolled in through our rear gate, he ambled up to us and sat astride our small (not too stable) drinks table, he had a look at us clearly observing as much as his eye’s could absorb. Eventually (maybe only a minute or two later) he said, “I have a small package at my house that has your name on it, why it was delivered to me I don’t know.” He paused and looked at our drinks glasses half full of fruit juices. “If I had known I was seeing you just now I would have brought it out with me.” he said before taking another pause to look at our drinks and this time lick his lips. We waited a while for him to speak again, after around 5 mins watching his gaze flit from us to our drinks & to the clear blue skies, then as he stood up and the table wobbled a little he stepped down onto the grass, before he could speak again (if he had intended to?) I told him, “Well thanks Tom, we appreciate you telling us about the package. Will you leave now please so that we can enjoy the last hour or two in peace, I’ll ask Lisa to call at your place later today, she’ll collect the package.” Tom strode towards the gate and then as he opened it he said “Well maybe I’ll be home later, maybe, if I don’t go out to get a cool refreshing drink somewhere!”

We laughed a little and shrugged our shoulders as he vanished through the gate, a silence between us for the last hour was only broken with our individual slight ‘giggles’ as we mentally recalled Tom’s visit. We have previously had Tom & his delightful wife Freda call in to see us at our home, they are usually a very helpful couple and often they stay around 30 mins for a natter. Our ‘unconventional’ lifestyle has never been an issue and Freda once said that when they were much younger they often went to little quiet coves on the coast to sunbathe naked. Maybe Freda has kept her ‘lighter’ attitudes but Tom has taken a slightly more ‘grumpy’ frame of mind in recent years. Maybe Lisa will call today and collect the package for us, she didn’t return yesterday, she was delayed waiting at her hairdressers.

And so our happy day in the sun concluded, happy, sunny, peaceful, almost uneventful.

In the Eyes of the lawman!

May 16, 2020 in Uncategorized

We had a visit from a police officer a few days back, he smiled as he entered our apartment to find us all nude. He stood by the doorway into the lounge as if he was unsure about actually coming into our lounge. Then as he looked at his notebook he looked around all 5 of us and said, “Someone has complained about a woman at this address being seen naked at the front door” He paused as he looked at each one of us in turn. My wife & I both approaching 70 years young, our niece Lisa somewhere near mid thirties and her partner in his late forties. Then Lisa’s son a young teenager. Finally his smiling gaze settled on Lisa who stood by the window with the blinds closed. The officer said “I have to ask if this information could relate to you.. Miss…” Lisa nodded quite happily and answered “Miss Greening, yes officer it could be about me as I often answer a call at the door.”  Moving a couple of steps into the lounge the officer clearly looked only at Lisa who stood upright and smiling. “Is it correct that you answered the door naked as you now are?” We all started laughing and just to cut this silly scene I told the officer, ” This is own home, we live as we choose. At the door there is a sign that says “Ring the bell if you are NOT offended by social nudity… Use the brass door knocker to the right of the door if nudity offends your senses.” To the best of my recollections officer that brass door knocker hasn’t been used for around 4 weeks.  So whoever saw Lisa naked at the door must have been mentally prepared for that. Who has complained.?

The officer closed his notebook and turned to leave, as he got back near the door he said, “You’re okay to live as you choose, I saw your blinds were down. Just be more aware that this door opens to the public highway, there’s no further action folks good afternoon to you!” As I opened the door for him I told him, “Our neighbours are contented, 99% of our callers are fine, so when you report back to the offended 1% just tell them… they’re invited for a coffee.. however they like it !”

More Jam On It?

April 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

When I left school in 1966 I wanted to be a baker ! I could only see myself making loads of bread products and maybe doing a little bit of cake decorating as a profitable hobby. I began a job in a bakery on the Monday after I left school, my mother needed me to be earning a wage and putting money into the house. There wasn’t much in the way of government money to help us through some very difficult years after my dads death. My weekly wage of £4:16 shillings was to be a great boost to our lives. The added bonus was going to be the ‘damaged’ bread loaf I could bring home about twice each week.

If I had known before what my ‘initiation’ into the bakery world was going to be, I wonder if I would still have been so keen on my chosen career ?  One early start morning (around 4:30am) one of the men I worked with asked me to get one of the plastic scrapers and clean out bits of bread dough that had hardened in the bottom of the huge mixing bowls (they each held a maximum of 25 stone of bread dough when full !) Innocently, and completely without any logical thoughts at all, I climbed into that vast metal hollow. I did, for a moment wonder if I ought to have removed my shoes? but it was a very brief moment. No sooner had I got into the bowl than suddenly 4 or 5 females appeared and began spinning the bowl ! I fell right down to the centre and began to loose any idea of where I was facing, the bowl began to spin ever faster and the laughing faces looking over me were just one continuous blur. I then realised that as 3 men heaved me from my spinning prison my head was still spinning ! They lifted me out and laid me on a table, then all I saw were laughing females all around me, I was helpless and at their mercy !

I could feel that my trousers were being removed, I felt several hands around my groins and genitalia, the raucous laughs that filled my ears told me that they (at least) were going to have fun. Then I was aware of a sloppy wet mess was being applied to my genitals, I managed very briefly to look downwards, though my head & my mind were still spinning, a few hands were applying hands full of Jam to my balls & semi erect penis. Then I saw a big jug of cream being poured onto massaged places. When I was eventually able to get up, all the women vanished ! there were a couple of men laughing at the jam & cream clotted around me and dropping an sloppy lumps into my trousers which were still on my legs. I stood there coming back to reality when two of the men acme forward, they reached down and then pulled up my trousers and fastened them in place, the soggy mess between my legs squelched as I moved, it was sliding down each leg slowly.

Looking back now to that time, over 54 years ago, I still laugh at my innocence and my reactions, I recall walking back to my work area with a really wet and squelching mess filling my pants. If that were to happen in this year 2020 I guess maybe a call of physical (if not sexual) assault could happen? I could tell you what happened to young females joining our ranks, but just to say that I enjoyed 3 or 4 of their ‘initiations’ . I will leave this topic alone now, probably.

Life Goes On

April 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

During this lockdown we have seen our ‘carers’ reduced to two from three, now they wear aprons, gloves and masks. We felt as if we were contagious in the beginning, but then we realised they were also making sure they brought no infection in to us. It really did feel very different being helped into a shower cubicle by a masked person. They still did all their usual routines and it took us around three days to adapt to a new rota & a new regime.

We only see Lisa once a week now, she brings our provisions and does a little bit of cleaning & tidying around. I jokingly said to her last week, “I have never seen you spend so much time here with your clothes on, I’ll soon forget what a naked female looks like!” she laughed and reminded me that nothing much changes with her. She joked about not being able to go to her hairdressers and she would have to let her hair grow for a while. She laughed and pointed towards her pubic area saying “At least I can keep some hair shaped & trimmed !”

It’s important to try to keep usual routines going as much as possible, we have a video link to some friends now, it isn’t as good as seeing them obviously but its better than nothing. We’re staying positive and enjoying our humour and laughs with the reduced care team, as the saying goes… “Lives may come & go but Life goes on”

Climb to blackened injury (2)

April 17, 2020 in Uncategorized

We parted from our two pals on the long walk home. We must have looked like a comical pair, {almost} clean clothes covering coal blackened skin ! Lorraine had hurt her elbow and she began to cry, partly from her pains but mostly from the fears of what mother would say when we both got home. As we got near to our back gate we had decided that whatever happened it was probably the best idea to just tell the truth & take our punishment, well that was the plan.  As we stepped into the back kitchen we could feel our hearts thumping, I think the ‘anticipation’ of what mother would do was possibly exaggerated by our own fears. Then I saw a note on the table, I quickly read through it and my voice trembled. ” Just gone out with Mrs Gledhill, we’re at the village hall until 6 o’clock, so get some bread if you’re hungry and I’ll do tea later.” as I read it we both glanced at the clock, it was 5:15pm, our minds raced.. Lorraine spoke quietly almost as if our mother might hear us, “What if… what if we go and get bathed & put our clothes in the washer and put some other clothes in aswell “? I looked and just stared at the worry in her eyes. I knew it was deceiving our mother but maybe not getting her rage lashing us was a great reason to do as Lorraine had suggested. Almost within minutes our clothes were off, in the tub and we were climbing into a bath of very soapy water! It was probably the first time we had bathed together in years, as fairly tall teenagers we struggled to get in together and we actually began to laugh! As we washed off the coal dust Lorraine almost forgot her elbow was injured, we helped each other get as clean as we could be then a thought hit me, I said to her “Won’t it look odd that we’re so clean after being out all day”? Lorraine stopped washing my back and my rear end! “oh yeh” she gasped “we’ll have to try and keep mother off the subject” she hopefully suggested, I knew that wasn’t really going to work, I told her “Look, I’m clean, so are you, we’re both naked, don’t you think we’ll be spotted instantly”! We tried to wash down the bath tub but the coal dust was difficult to rinse down. As we carefully put wet towels in the wash tub mother came home!

We both dashed and sat at the big solid kitchen table, mother was at first busy emptying her two bags and telling us about her afternoon with our neighbour Noreen Gledhill, probably the only true friend we had, her three children often came into our house to ‘play’ and the fact that we were likely to have no clothes on wasn’t an issue for them at all, in fact Susan who was my age stripped naked once or twice, until her younger brother David threatened to tell their teacher.  We sat at the table trying to butter some bread and not look too guilty, then in an instant mother stopped talking, the kitchen was quiet, she came around the table to where we sat, we could feel her eye’s on our backs, she said in a quiet but firm tone, “Stand up you two, I think I need some explanations” We stood and faced her like two lining up for the firing squad. Mother looked us over then asked “How come you two at 15 & 13 have got so clean after a day out… something needs saying doesn’t it”?  As we stumbled for words she went to the wash tub and lifted out our coal blackened clothes, we knew it was quite literally ‘time to come clean’ !

Climb to blackened injury !

April 16, 2020 in Uncategorized

In the 1960’s it was great fun being a teenager when we had ‘pop’ music and lots of friends to enjoy it with. We also had many adventures where we could ‘go out and play’ for many hours feeling free to explore, unlike the situations today !  We didn’t mind staying dressed when we could have a few ‘mates’ round to dance to our records, we were allowed 3 friends each so that meant 8 of us in total. How my mother coped with two hours or more of that kind of noise is a mystery !  The adventures outside could see us walking far from home to any one of many favourite places we had. Again we would have a few regular pals going along, all of course knew and understood our home lifestyle and they were protective so that no other school friends would make any big issue about it.  Where we lived it was a coal mining area and consequently there where ‘slag heaps’ that were a major attraction for us. They were huge hills of coal waste, rocks & shale that wasn’t much good as coal burning material. Along the top lengths of these coal heaps ran lengths of cables which carried buckets of ‘slag’ to be tipped at various points along the way.  We often wanted to climb up the sides of these ‘mountains’ and then try to grab a ride on one of the buckets. Of course that was a very dangerous thing to do, but I’m not sure if we were aware of the hazards of if we just didn’t care ! Once or twice both of us had had serious ‘telling offs’ from our mother when we arrived home literally black from head to toes. On one visit to those mountains with just two pals, Lorraine & myself decided we wouldn’t risk getting our clothes so blackened with coal ‘muck’ so we got naked! not really ideal for climbing coal, but at 12 & 14 years old we didn’t really figure that out in our plans. Alan & Sam thought it was a great idea so they stripped aswell, Sam was a bit unsure though, only about getting naked with Lorraine seeing him, but once she got down to her knickers only he started stripping. We put all of our clothes in a hollow of bracken and shrubbery, the climb was a lot harder in bare feet so we decided to put shoes back on and take a risk with the ‘telling off’ when we would get back home.

Little did we realize how much of a problem we were creating for ourselves, with completely coal blackened skin, injury and pain on our trek back home.  More to follow in part two. (if you want it ? )

Sitting By The Fire

April 13, 2020 in Lifestyle

Being in this ‘Lock Down’ situation also brings back some memories of days way gone !  Where we lived when we were very young, I was around 8 my sis was 6 coming up to 7, the winters were really severely cold. Ice and snow would reach up past the window sill and cracks in the glass let the winds howl through! We always had a good fire, piled high and burning fiercely to battle the cold. The door had a heavy wood beam across and Dad was the only one who could move it. Mother made a big pan of broth, cooking on the fire, hanging on a hook, anything & everything went in. We had a bowl each and a chunk of hard bread, the broth was poured by ladle and steamed up to our tiny faces. We both sat in our vests, near the fire as we could, no pants were put on they were laid cold by the bed! As Dad bolted the back door the wind howled like wild animals and sleet pelted high above the windows.  We were never frightened, never cold, we had each other, warm & together, to hold !

Was It Day 1 ?

April 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

Many years ago I ventured onto a naturist beach for my first time. Fortunately it wasn’t very busy and the few people there were a good distance apart. I had been a ‘naked person’ all my life so nudity wasn’t a problem, the new surroundings & total strangers were something I wasn’t totally at ease with. Being brought up in a relaxed ‘clothes free’ family who did actually live naked for about 85% of home life, made me happy & comfortable naked, so I only needed the experience of being at the coast, sand under my feet and strangers around me. Maybe this isn’t such a big deal to others, maybe the whole thing about going naked was a going ‘public’ first time issue for them without family support.

It felt so good again, warm bright sunny weather, the ocean lapping just a couple of yards away, the breeze all over my skin and around my groins, the whole fresh ozone air feeling was good! I sat on my towel and watched around me, there were a few single people dotted around, around 8 out of 10 were males. There were a few small groups of young adults too, male & female. Then my heart sang as I saw that just ahead of me around 250 yards away, were two young families with children & teenagers.  I picked up my towel and dusted off loose sand that had attached to my chest hairs & I walked just into the sea, the water just washed up to my calf’s. Watching from this point I could see that the families were sort of separated from the ‘singles’ and that concerned me, perhaps this was where I became more interested in making social naturism a more important part of my life. Maybe that was the root of my future years trying to advance the acceptance of naked people & socialisation of  people away from ‘clubs’. It was a really enjoyable day and I eventually sat with a family who were so sociable & fun, much like my own family back home.

On Cold’n Pond

April 1, 2020 in Naktiv

Some may remember that I have done a few blogs in the past about my early life growing up in a ‘naturist/nudist’ home, some adventures with my sister (sadly passed over in 1996) as we set out each day just to find new places to explore.

One late summers day we both began to get exhausted & ready for home after a very energetic day with two friends Rob & Denise. We had all found a small pond with a wooded area almost totally hiding it from a nearby farmhouse. My sister (Lorraine~~’Loz’) was always the first to get naked again when we found a place we wanted to stay at. She was sometimes just a bit too eager, like the time we built a ‘cave’ out of old fallen tree branches & other pieces of wood and bracken, she was naked in there within around 5 minutes. When the cave just collapsed on us we had to scramble out, I still had my shorts on and my boots so I wasn’t too bothered, she screeched & cried as I helped her out. She then realised that her shorts & shirt were buried in a mound of branches, grass & sticks. As we dug out looking for her clothes a man approached with a really snappy yelping dog. He stood and looked on as Lorraine’s bare rear end emerged from the ‘cave’ with her things gasping “I found them, can we go somewhere else now?” . That adventure will feature in another blog (maybe?) some other time. When we settled by the pond with Rob & Denise we soon thought we must be miles away from anybody else, not knowing at that point that we were not too far away from Fred Darley’s farmhouse. Lorraine pulled off her trousers & her pants, within seconds Rob was gasping “Loz can’t you just wait?” but his words just vanished without passing even close to the almost naked Lorraine. I took my boots off & then my trousers & shirt, Denise joined in to some extent, she wouldn’t take off her tiny pink panties but steadily & methodically she folded her things into a neat pile, Rob always seemed to be more guarded and he just took off his shirt.

We waded into the pond carefully, we soon saw tiny fish and a few frogs, there was a half submerged tree branch that was well stuck in mud and other fallen debris. Denise spotted something ‘multi-coloured’ and shaped like a jug just under the branch. She & Lorraine got really excited and soon were imagining buried coins or jewellery were in the  ‘pot’. I tried to move it with a long stick I found at the edge of the water. The jug was stuck firm & my stick just snapped in two. Unusually Rob took off his trousers so he didn’t wet them, revealing he had nothing else on, (My first experience of anyone going ‘Commando’). As he waded in Lorraine just had to remark about Rob’s huge willy! He just shouted “Shut it NOW!”… we were all stunned how angry he sounded. He reached down to pull at the jug, the handle snapped off in his hand but the jug remained fast in the water. We saw a plastic bag with some paper in it, scraping away some mud we then saw what seemed to be a ring with a large stone in it. We were all getting excited. I saw that Denise had waded out to us and the water lapped up to her panties, she gasped at the coldness of the water, she glanced down and smiled saying, “I’ll take them off later, I don’t want to go home in wet knickers do I !”

We eventually pulled the jug out in two or three pieces, the ring wasn’t as good as we had imagined, the plastic bag had a note inside it but it was unreadable. The only words I could make out were “…again never. K.Darley ” . We tried to get our clothes back on after we had dried off mostly. I kept off my shirt, so did Rob, nobody dared mention his ‘big willy’ anymore! We began walking towards the road, we decided to put the ring, the note and a few pieces of the jug on the steps near the farm house.  We often thought afterwards, ‘Did anybody pick up the jug & stuff’ ? What was Fred Darley’s reaction if he did see it?  We never did find out. But we saw the pond was fenced off and a big sign said “KEEP OUT. PRIVATE”.

Dare To Bare & Care ?

March 27, 2020 in Lifestyle

With the spread of Coronavirus throughout Europe & the UK we certainly began to worry not only about our own health (being in an ‘At Risk’ group), but we also have to worry about the devoted & amazing care staff that come in to visit us 3 times daily. Although they now wear P.P.E. for their own safety aswell as ours, they look more & more like aliens ! We have to say a massive thank you to doctors, nurses and of course the carers. We did have a regular team that called on us over the last 3 years, now the team is becoming more varied due to needs being met elsewhere & to the needs of the carers themselves.  The 3 new people that have joined the ones we had, have soon got used to our “unusual” lifestyle and not so common family visitors who seem to take off coats & everything else when they come here.  We had to laugh heartily when one young woman who began clothing herself in her ‘Personal Protection Equipment’ said to us “Surely it would be easier if I got naked too and then just had a thorough shower before I leave here?”  Though it was said in jest it did seem like a wonderful idea to us. Should I suggest it to her supervisors ?. . . . Maybe not !

Friends Requests ‘re apply please’

March 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

I have noticed that since my brief absence due to computer breakdown, I have returned with an old (early) account that I opened quite a long time ago. It seems that because of this I have not got any of the ‘Friends’ that were with me previously. I cannot find how to re-instate my list of friends so it seems I will need to start again. So, if you were on my friends list before January 2020 will you please consider putting another ‘Friends Request’ to me so that I can rebuild my contacts with you all again.  I apologise if I have not contacted anyone since the beginning of 2020, if I was expected to do so. I don’t mind who sends friends requests, as a senior naturist and a member of this place for a very long time, I really enjoy making regular contact with true naturist friends.  Thank You All.

A Visit Of Electric Importance

March 13, 2020 in Naktiv

We welcome visitors to our home, as many of you on here will know. From carers, neighbours to friends & utility callers, enquiring people who genuinely were curious about our lifestyle choices.  It has frequently caused ‘amusement’ when a look of ‘shock’ passes over someone when they realise that two ‘old’ people just live naked. Even when their many questions of curious intrigue  are answered there’s still only around 75% acceptance of what they actually see & what they believe, so when younger members of our family arrive during one of these ‘curiosity‘ sessions and just behave in ordinary ways to do whatever they choose, the visitors look astounded.  One young man from our electricity suppliers sat drinking coffee to calm his nerves after realising we were staying nude throughout his visit, he had completed his task and was about to leave when Lisa arrived. She introduced herself as our niece and then put things away into our food cupboard & refrigerator, the man seemed to pause and ‘rechecked’ his worksheet. I told him that Lisa was a naturist too we could almost see him drooling !  Lisa took our clean laundry into our bedroom as the man seemed hesitant to leave, my wife went to talk with Lisa about our laundry and asked her to not stay in the bedroom whilst our visitor was here. My wife came back to the lounge and said to our visitor that Lisa may need to arrange to have her home checked. Within two or three minutes Lisa returned and she was naked! The man was speechless and obviously had problems moving his eyes away from Lisa’s ample breasts.

After the realisation of what he was doing actually hit him the man made a ‘bumbling‘ effort  to leave our home, he almost collided with the doorframe, he fumbled to close his briefcase, his eyes darted from me to my wife, then to Lisa as she guided him to the front door. He left hurriedly without even taking Lisa’s address.  We realised soon afterwards that perhaps we had been unkind to him, Lisa ought to have been more careful and not rushed to undress, even though it was ‘normal’ for her.  She took the business card that he had left with us so that she could phone him later. Apart from arranging for him to check her house, she needed to apologise and assure him she would stay fully clothed when he was at her home.   I think that he would accept her call with manners & business like behaviour, but also maybe with a deep sigh when she said she wouldn’t be naked again.

A rare visit.

March 8, 2020 in Lifestyle

We took a rare visit to a naturist club grounds a few days back, it was interesting to see people relaxing & enjoying a spell of warm weather yet still one or two people still had shorts on? As invited guests we felt awkward questioning why some folk didn’t strip totally and our hosts didn’t really seem too concerned. We got ourselves a great place on the lawn just by the boules pitch & not too far from the club house. There were quite a lot of people there and it was good to see some younger families really enjoying the atmosphere and all of the facilities available. A young mum and dad came and sat with us, their daughter aged 7 & their boy aged 5 just naturally ran freely all around the area and felt quite content at just joining in a ball game with others around their ages. The parents were Josie & Robert and both had amazing bronzed tans, making us look like ‘White Washed’ novices ! It seemed that someone had told the about us being a naturist family & our many years of living daily just as nature made us. The conversation wasn’t too ‘interrogational’ and it was obvious at times that Josie felt awkward asking about our experiences. She did say though that although they had a fairly relaxed & “laid back” life at home they tended to restrict their nudity until after 6pm when they were sure they would have no visitors unexpectedly. As the afternoon passed and the children seemed to have almost forgotten their parents, we realised that Robert & Josie were actually aiming at a lifestyle pretty much like the one we have always enjoyed. We swapped phone numbers and said maybe we could arrange to meet up again to talk more. Later we went into the clubhouse for a buffet ‘meal’ and watched as different generations & races just joined in a very pleasing atmosphere and there was absolutely no ‘disagreements’ at all. The woman serving at the bar was a small centre of attention as a quite good comedienne and she entertained all customers with raucous laughter & some ‘adult’ humour.

Just after 7pm we had to make our way home. Our wonderful time in a rare visit will live in our thoughts for quite some time. Our hosts Leslie & Ian took us right home and helped get us & our stuff back indoors. For a short time back in our own surroundings we felt lonely & restricted, but soon our home welcomed us and our own life’s routines made us feel ‘usual’ & ‘normal’ once more. Just us two and a carer (care-giver) Sarah getting sorted out and ready for bedtime after our shower. It had been a true pleasure & the few people wearing shorts were almost invisible in our mind, because it seems they were ‘reluctant’ visitors who did eventually (after around 4 hours) get naked and enjoyed their visit. Just as we had.


March 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

Since I’ve had major computer problems in January I haven’t been able to get ‘ online ‘ to continue my regular contributions. Now I have a new laptop replacing my previous ‘ Desk Top ‘ computer. I have had quite a few problems logging in to groups & places that I have previously used almost continually. So it seems that all of my previous stuff I had put into the ‘Naktiv’ group page has vanished. Like a ‘newcomer’ I have logged into this old and unused ancient id.  Thank you to problem solving wizards we have actually keeping us all going,  solving all of our ‘ mini crisis ‘ issues and dealing with questions & queries which keep us online & happy.

I have previously done a lot of blogs & of course hundreds of entries on day to day naturist stuff involving my lovely family and of course my fabulous wife. My niece Lisa and her big influence in our lives has often been the focal point of many of my posts, also the issues that we have come across since I became disabled & rely quite a lot on ‘Carers’ or ‘Care givers’ as some know them. Obviously I can’t re-post all the previous stuff I have added, that is all gone into the ether or lost in the recesses of my lost previous “log-ins”.   I will try to post regularly again and partially recall somethings from past things I have told you all. So if anything I add seems familiar, it is !

Thank you once more to the wonders of the ‘backroom’ team. Thank you to our many friends past & present on here, thank you for waiting for my return to the fold of faithful & loyal naturists.

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