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    Brian Taylor - "@edpierc Thanks for the friend request. Where in the world are you?"View
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    Natfree - "interesting exchange of words between Lim and Barry. My wife received the first dose of the pfizer vaccine last week with no side effects. She is waiting for the second dose. For now, I’m watching what’s going on […]"View
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    derek mowbray - "as we are approaching winter here in the uk what do people do (apart from being naked at home) to keep the nudist life style alive"View
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    Emma James - "That’s such a beautiful picture Vittorio"View
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    Tombo - "@verib hello"View
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    Tom Westcott - "Dear community, I will be in Farnborough near London next week. Does someone know some nice places for naked activities or even to meet other nudists?"View
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    antonio nelo - "ola amigo luis afonso bom dia amigo feliz 2018 naturalmente abra├žos antonio nelo naturalmente"View
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