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    Tom Westcott - "Hi dear community, it’s very quiet here in the past days. It might be related to the bad weather we have here in Northern Europe at the time 🙂 Hopefully it get’s better soon again so I can restart hiking, biking […]"View
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    Brian Taylor - "@dennyyipyahoo-com Hi Denny, welcome to Naktiv and thanks for the friend request. Perhaps you could tell us something about yourself and what part of the world you live in? Cheers, Brian"View
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    Natfree - "@mediterraneoatodavelagmail-com hi, i m happy to meet a new friend"View
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    derek mowbray - "Well what can I say just started the year walking naked now I’m back in my jumper lol good old British weather 😅"View
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    Tombo - "any people active here?"View
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    Emma James - "That’s such a beautiful picture Vittorio"View
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    antonio nelo - "ola amigo luis afonso bom dia amigo feliz 2018 naturalmente abraços antonio nelo naturalmente"View
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