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About me

I`ve always wanted to be a nudist, but never had the nerve to strip off in front of others. I was always worried that I`d get an erection etc in front of people (I do get them easily!). When I had the chance, I would go walking off the beaten track in the New Forest and strip. It`s only recently that I`ve had enough courage to do it on a beach in public. My worries were not confirmed – although erections have happened, I seem not to worry about them, and they soon go again.rnrnI do have to be secretive about it though, as my wife is more reserved and doesn`t understand that it doesn`t have to be sexual to be naked. So she doesn`t know.

Who I'd like to meet

As I am quite a introverted person, I don`t tend to speak to anyone on the beach. I need a companion to join me when I do go. However, I`d rather it be female, as I have had one or two bad experiences where guys have approached me seeking `some play`!! I`m straight (although I will peek at guys sometimes!). A female will hopefully give others the impression I am straight and not hit on me!



I enjoy Horror mostly. It's escapism for me. I don't get scared by them, in fact, I mostly find them humorous because of poor acting or effects.


50`s, 60`s, 70`s and mostly 80`s. I also like a wide variety of other types of music, from classical to Metal. If it gets me singing, toe or finger tapping, I`ll buy or download it!

Clubs, organizations or federations

I don't tend to go to clubs… I either go nude at home, the beach or the Forest.


Naked people! All shapes and sizes. The human form fascinates me. I love to see it in all it`s glory. I also like to find out what makes people `tick`. So if you do chat with me, expect loads of questions!! I also research my family tree. Finally, I have a secret passion – LEGO. My eleven year old son reignited my love of the plastic bricks. I`m useless at building things freestyle, but love trying!





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