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Matthew Aukai Wright







About me

Hi there! My name is: Matthew Wright, you can call me Matt, Matty, Mattykins, Aukai, Math, etc… Please call me whatever you want what makes you feel comfortable! I am 22 years old. I am super friendly and open minded. I am openly gay and I am a fashion designer kinda weird right? – I am a nudist but I like designing clothes, but I also like singing, dancing, and acting. I am looking for friends and perhaps a romantic boyfriend that are nudist/naturist as well. If i did or if i feel like i did something wrong i will keep saying sorry and i will make it up to you that I am sorry and that I want to be forgiven. I want to learn music like piano, guitar, etc and I also want to learn software development/software engineering so if you have the patience please teach me! By the way in person i am shy but i tend to be comfortable and outgoing to the point I won't be quiet and I will be funny as soon as we start talking so if you live in Honolulu Hawaii and you have want to be friends and you have a private backyard pool, and you want to bbq, watch a movie in the backyard, play board games while being nude in our nudist/naturist mode then please contact me! Or if you want to chat and make a new friend of coarse I am open to that to! So Want to know anything else please reach out to me and ask me don`t be shy!

Who I'd like to meet

Somebody who is a nudist/naturist, is funny, outgoing, playful, somebody who has a private backyard pool and wants to BBQ,play board games, etc I'm open to anybody and anything! And maybe somebody who wants to be my romantic boyfriend.



Any movies, romantic and comedy movies.


Hip hop music mostly or slow dancing music or listening to the sound of ocean waves


Playing board gamesTalkingStaying up all nightPlaying video gamePlaying in a private backyard poolEtc I'm open to anything!



United States



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