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About me

I AM GOING TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST AND UPFRONT HERE. I have no regrets or shame for what I am writing here. I am currently living out of my pack living the nomad lifestyle here in the USA. I get a monthly SSI check directly deposited into my bank account each month. I spend my nights sleeping in my tent camping somewhere for free. Lodging hotels and apartments are extremely expensive here in San Diego and I don't get even close enough SSI each month to afford lodging so i find a free spot somewhere to set up my tent for the night and then pack camp up in the morning and go about my day then at night setup camp again just like I would on the trail. I am quite comfortable I have a neo air inflatable air mattress that blows up to three and a half inches thick a sleeping bag liner that essentially adds twenty degrees of warmth to my seventeen degree down mummy bag plus a blow up pillow. My total gear weight is only eighteen pounds. With a full supply of food and water my pack weighs about thirty pounds. done a lot of soul searching and self exploration and experimenting and I know what I want and who I am and what I like and don't lime and have absolutely no regrets or shame for what I am writing here. I thru hiked both the entire AT and entire PCT in 2017.

Who I'd like to meet

I would like to meet a white female who wants to do the same things I do and shares the same interests and activities that I enjoy. Age doesn't matter to me. What matters is that we have similar interests and activities that we can enjoy doing together. We can have interesting and enjoyable and entertaining conversations together. She has to be in good physical shape and be able to keep up with me. Loves the outdoors. Enjoys hiking especially thru hiking and spending extended amounts of time living off the grid in the wilderness together and going to town for resupply and heading back into the wilderness. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A CITY GIRL OR ONE WHO NEEDS TO STAY IN HOTELS ALL THE TIME OR IS MATERIALISTIC. A woman who can make and contribute he own share of income.



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Thru Hiker and Hiker Trash


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