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Self Employed small Businessman (Dennie's Lawn & Landscaping Services #367023) wide range of experience Wood Fences, Drainage French Drains- Back Flows 3/4″ 1″ Installations Wood Gates, Pruning, Trained Trees Shrubs shaped, Color spot Planting, Irrigation Sprinklers-Sprayers-Rotors Low-Flow Nozzles (As Build-Projects) outdoor, Designer installs Drip Lines, Time clocks 4 Station,6-Station multiple 9-Station,Moduler units.Yes, Landscape Sustainable California Natives Plants, Vegetable Gardens-High Raised Box, Pottery Apt. Box Window Box styles Hanging-plants styles installation Fertilizations Composting, Mulches, Rocks, Red, Black-Barks, Pathways, Arbors Fountains Pounds installations. Low Voltage Lights Seasonal Lights put-up Take Downs LEDs, Luminant's. 100,300,900 Wt. Transformers. Single story homes, Residential-Non-Commercial projects. Rental Property works one-time clean-ups only: Retail Nursery Whole Sales Specialized customer requested work projects Pools, Spas Lighting Walk ways Rocks, Barks, Moss Rock Custom Covers, Mister systems Patio Day room Work. BBQ Party, Wedding Party Lights (C-7) or (C-9) Soft Whites outdoor.State Licensed #367023 PL & PD coverage; Reasonable rates No-Monthly or Bi-Monthly Yard Services. Only Repairs one-time clean-ups or as Build projects available. Business Hours M-F. 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. Daily: Sat. Hours 8:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. closed all Sunday's Major Holiday Legal Holiday's Yes, Insurance Repairs. Free Estimates English-Spoken Written. This with-in first 75-miles of Greater Sacramento, CA only: Return I will return all phone calls with-in 24 Hrs. with your Phone No. to my C/P (916) 402-5783 If you leave on voice mail: Normal Business Hours PST-USA check out my website or Have Great Naked Day Weather permitting in your area: Single Family Residental Home units, Duplex, Tri-Plex ground floor units.Note: New Address area now. Than listed on website. New currently Leader Ave. Sacramento,CA plus C/P same as listed (916) 402-5783: This on Website.

Who I'd like to meet

Folks Discreet Mature Open minded to Open Life Styles ** Discount rates Labor-Only** for work projects as Build projects traveling in Sacramento, Rocklin, Elk Grove,CA to Lupin, Los Gatos,CA, or Casa Laguna Del Sole Wilton, CA areas. If you Desire work projects. Whenever possible. In areas overgrown Shrubbery, Trees Fenced Back Yards Discreetly. Where your projects around Pools, Spa's Day room indoor or outdoor work for your Desired (Nude) project works. Greater Sacramento, CA or with-in 75-miles for you-Married Couples Singles, Home owners, Rental Business Small Office Massage, Real Estate Office -Residental-others like mind Discrete Folks always Non-Smokers, Non-Drug users. Always have Great Nude Life daily whenever possible 2016.Be safe use proper UV Coverage always when in the Sun.



Outdoor Landscaping Home and Garden stuff Low-Voltage Lights training films. Action Movies. Then Some Water Adult Sports fun- Watching.


Some Country Western, Old Jazz Blues,R & B some not all. Not into Hip Hop or Rap sorry.

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SLS member locally Roseville,CA no longer with formally CLCA . Irrigator Tec Chino, CA. Tec Irrigation Trained Troubleshooting Drip lines Rain Bird Training Academy 80 hours Vista Training. 20 hours.The State of CA Licensed Landscape Contractor #367023.Sacramento,CA USA 20 Years small independent Business ownership.


Going to Adult Resorts Casa Del Laguna Sol Winton, CA. Lupian Los Gatos,CA Santa Cruz Hills. Northern California area only. Some local Adult Discreet Swingers House parties also in greater Sacramento-Roseville, CA. As a Un-Happy Married male. That my spouse refuses to attend either Nudist resorts any longer with me. So I go either with Adult Companion-Females. This since my spouse does not want to go. She allows me to go to the Resorts other places last 10 years. This why I take other Naturalist Resorts attenders into the Life Style open minded. Then other party members. I like cooking or BBQ at parties, also participate into setting up out door lights. This for some Host-or Hostess's Homes Patio's Decks Mister Set-ups Decorations also. I go to Craft Shows, Home and Garden Shows, Landscape Expo. This to improve my Knowledge for my small CA Landscape Contractor Business Residential work only-/Seasonal-Lights Install put up take downs.Consulting,As Build projects: Whenever possible other Life Style Naturalist or Life Style Associations members work Back yard work to work[Whenever- possible,] in the Buff installing- Back Yard Gardens Vegetables Gardens Seasonal-Clean-ups-pruning Wood Fence-gates Repairs,Drainage, Landscape As Build, Irrigation, Sprinklers, Drip Systems selected couples,BBW's Singles: Discreetly,use proper Sunscreen to prevent my Skin Cancer to reappear though.BBW lover Talking networking Business, Naturalist Walking Trials,Swimming in Pools, Spa's: In Non-smoking, Non-Drug-user- areas: This due to Allergy's. Like Springtime-Summer Weather normally not into Snow Weather or Driving in the Snow areas of California or Nevada Snow areas. I normally stay with-in 75-miles of Greater Sacramento-Placer County areas. This for my business and networking like minded Friends,Customers for my Landscape Contractor Business over last 20 Years of Sacramento, CA.with over 50 years of Experience and over 43 years being into Naturalist Life Style at Lupian Resort Los Gatos ,CA at 18 years old now 63 years old. I have learn to be over the years Discreet always for good Business reasons.Yet open when time allows key words of acceptance phases or Dress. Adults Gay, Lesbians, Adult Naturalist-Open Minded . Life Styles groups professionals, Non-Professionals serious. That not Time Wasters or excuses Offended Adults. That do not understand our way of Life Styles. Be positive Alert Cautions, Safe Respectful accountable for your actions. Sorry to know some shall be offended or upset. This with our Decision to understand our Free Natural Nudist Life Styles in Mountains, Forrest Wooded Areas Sandy Beaches Public Streets, Cities, County,United States, Parks, Country, Bicycles Jogging Running or Wheelchairs for Handicapped,Disabled person. Resorts, Hotels Adult Resorts Worldwide. Singles, Couples, Families All Races Nationalities- Religions participate in Naturalist Life Styles.This from Beginning of Time even back to John Muire.The Early Naturalist Parks writer First Green Tees Naturalist Horticulturist- Conservationist. History Buff.







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