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  • Was an unspoiled part of the beach, until the fisherman drove past.

  • Back at the beach at last, been a long winter.

  • Moon Worshipping, and it wasn’t even the Equinox. An old shot I found in my archives.

    • Hi Les! What a great picture! Thank you that you are sharing it with us!

  • nice your pictures

  • Thanks Mark, luck is something I tend to not attract very well, my non green thumbs scare the shit out of the plants. But I console myself with the fact I can always revisit the local nursery to restock on what doesn’t like my garden.

    • I know the feeling when the entire garden & any kind of plant seems to fight back or jus curl up & die. From the earliest age I can recall I have been a total disaster at planting, digging, seeding or even moving on plants that just need more space in a new ‘home’. If it’s green and it grows, (even with many coloured flowers or fruits) it will…[Read more]

  • Winter, a time when we get to have less time are of clothes that other times of the year. Still, taking advantage of a warm winter day, out of the breeze, is always a pleasure.

    • Good luck growing the orchids, we have very little success at out house, but nice while they last.

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