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About me

I am an intellectual nudist whose principal interest is in making nudism more acceptable to the public. Though my parents would never have considered themselves to be naturists, I was brought up in a household in which I regularly saw my parents and my brothers naked. And so it has been all my life. It offends my sense of logic for anyone to wear anything for the purposes of bathing or sunbathing, and, by extension, for any activity which does not require clothes for thermal or protective reasons. I have regularly attended naturist events, such as swims and saunas, because I refuse to wear a costume for such things, but my main desire is to just be able to be naked when I please. My experience of naturists (in Britain) leads me to think they are somewhat obsessive (and can only talk about their naturist experiences and holidays), that they have little interest in the environment and nature (preferring to get in their 4x4s to get together with other naturists at artificial locations) and have little interest in making nudity publicly acceptable. Needless to say, I am a supporter of Stephen Gough.

Who I'd like to meet

People who sympathise with my attitudes (expressed in About Me). Though not essential, my ideal woman would grow both pubic and armpit hair, and would almost never wear a bra.



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