Feel even better after a (nude) hike.

November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

It's virtually impossible to be or go anywhere without seeing human presence on the planet in the form of garbage. Some places, like mountain terrain are thankfully still reasonably void of plastic, cans and paper. However, visit a beach, forest or other kind of natural place and the left-overs of a pick-nick or other hikers are all around you (here at least).
So here's my call to all (naturist) hikers, take a garbage bag with you from home and just pick up whatever you see on-route. Leave the trail better than you found it and feel even better about yourself at the end of the trail than you normally would.
Do it as a sort of "pay it forward". When you walk a nice, clean trail, maybe another hiker before you has just removed plastic bags or beer-cans so that you can enjoy the untouched nature. You can do the same for the next hiker.