February 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Had a rather odd day yesterday , every week a lady calls at the house to deliver a magazine for my wife , normally she would come on a Wednesday , she usually stays for a cup of tea and a chat and then leaves after about 30 mins , in the past I have mentioned that I was a naturist and nothing was said about it so yesterday I was watching a film on tv as you saw from my pic that I posted the front door was unlocked and I was in the lounge with the door shut , in the past I have always said to Chloe ( the ladies name ) that I may take a few minutes to answer the door ,so I could put something on , however as yesterday was Thursday and I thought she had already delivered i did,nt think about any visitors anyway about 11.00 yesterday morning the lounge door opened and she walked in with the magazine to see me totally naked on the sofa , but the reaction I got was not what I expected I offered to dress and make some tea but she said its fine , after I got the tea we sat down and she said that she had always had a longing to visit a naturist club but her husband was never interested and would never allow her to go on her own so I suggested that as I was nude in the house quite a lot I would be happy for her to come to my house , with that she a,she'd if it would be ok to undress and join me , so we both enjoyed a nice half an hour tasking about naturists and naturism , I also showed her this site so I,m hoping she will join what an odd Thursday it was lol