The way I see it: the “gay stiffies” “discussion“

August 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is my personal take on the whole “gay stiffies” and “bullying” thing that’s going on and is marring my otherwise pleasurable experience here at this site. As this is obviously a non-PC site, as is clearly stated in the site’s mission statement, some of what I’m about to write will be blunt and no punches pulled.

Allow me to begin by saying what I am NOT, repeat NOT, saying:
• I am NOT saying I disagree with the site’s rule regarding sexual images; in fact, I have reported inappropriate pictures in the past and will most probably continue to do so. Case in point: I used the “report button” to flag Chr.’s inappropriate profile picture.
• I am NOT saying I want to see sexually titillating images of ANY sort, whether they be erections by the men or immodest poses by the women.
• I am NOT saying that I want to see this site transformed into a dogging site or a porn site for ANYONE.

That being said, I'm now going to continue with what is more important: what I really want to say:

The first statement is clear and simple: I agree wholeheartedly that everyone on this site should “keep it legal, keep it fun and safe, AND to keep it open-minded!” I could not agree more.

Keeping that premise of fairness in mind, let me say that, from my point of view, this didn’t all start with the inappropriate images that were posted – everyone concerned (except possibly Chr., the person who uploaded them.) agrees that they were inappropriate – but rather when a statement was made to the effect of “I wish there were more women on this site because I’m tired of deleting gay stiffies” as a reaction to those images.

I replied that the use of the word “gay” was superfluous, a word which, according to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, means “more than you need or want”. I felt then and feel now that “stiffies” on its own would have done the job – and done the job very well. I am almost absolutely certain that most members here would find the word “white” in the following, admittedly non-PC sentence, equally superfluous. “There are white people here posting pictures trying to attract/hook up with other white people. We need more people of colour on this site because I’m tired of deleting white stiffies.”

I realise that a moderator’s job is not an easy one. I do. It requires a degree of fairness and impartiality and I can say that, for the most part, the moderators on this site have shown that fairness and impartiality when dealing with members’ images. Seen in the light of objectivity, it’s probably better for the site and the public’s perception of our clothesfree lifestyle in the long run that they err on the side of conservative.

The only reason I’m not leaving the site at this point like some people have already done is not because I want to avoid the appearance of taking off in a nasty “huff huff”, it’s because I am not going to let one isolated spate of intolerant remarks and intentional misunderstandings ruin my fellowship with other likeminded naturists on this site.

Time to move on.