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  • Just another front door sign, seems to limit the people ringing the bell.

    • where did you see the sign?

    • I think the “WARNING” may be frightening people away who are maybe wondering exactly what naturists are doing in there?

      • All of my neighbors and friends are aware of my life style. But the others just leave their pamphlets and leave.

      • I agree, when I saw this last night, my first reaction was that we shouldn’t pamper to the prudes views by making it a ‘Warning’. Perhaps that word could be replaced by “Be Aware” ?

        • Although I will never change my appearance to suit visitors at my door, I do try to tell people in advance what they will see. We make absolutely no effort to dress for those who object to nudity. We will arrange an alternative location for a meeting if it’s absolutely essential, so that we are clothed. So anyone coming to our door needs (or gets)…[Read more]

          • I just kind of like keeping them from ringing my doorbell. Not trying to imply right or wrong, just I hope they stay away. It seems to be working.

    • Since some days, I’m trying to find if there is a relation between shame and fear. These feelings are very similar:
      1) I fear an incoming danger (see the word WARNING in the picture), and
      2) I feel ashamed because of my body or because I don’t know the rules of decency.
      After decency had been borrowed by the law, infringing decency is a crime -…[Read more]

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