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49, Male and consider myself a Naturist since about 1985. I am single, divorced and not ever again looking for romance, please. I however, wouldn't mind finding like minded friends who enjoy hiking, backpacking and primitive camping, and not to forget the ever so important hot spring soaking, lol. I am very friendly and some times too friendly and do not have a mean bone in my body. I love animals and the nature that they live in and would give anything if I could spend the rest of my life protecting the Planet from the harmful humans, even without profit (as I see spending time in mother nature as profitable enough). I am a IT specialist (some what retired), Computer Enthusiast with over 20+ years experience building and maintaining computer systems of all types. I was also a Microsoft Certified Community website Forum Head Administrator from Sept 2003 to January 2013 where I managed one of the worlds largest 64bit dedicated community forums. I am also a ex-hiking enthusiast who would like to get back to the great outdoors as my main hobby, specifically for Health and Happiness goals. Age, sex and religious beliefs do not concern me. If you need to know, I am Atheist with an open and caring mind set.

Who I'd like to meet

Experienced through hikers/backpackers/naturists of all types who wouldn't mind trying long hikes ending with fairly primitive camping and then back the next day. Also the people I meet need to care about the Planet and the animals for which we share it with, so my friends need to help me with packing out human trash, please please please. And real Naturists, who are 100% non judgmental and 100% not interested in a romantic relationship, who may happen to live in my neck of the woods and would want to hike/camp near the Grand Enchantment Trail system (I live just a few miles from one of its trail heads in Tijeras, NM).



All kinds!


I like Country music, Rock n Roll and some classical music, but rarely ever listen to it. In other words I prefer to drive a car in a nice and quiet environment, haha. And same goes for my home environment.

Clubs, organizations or federations


Computers, DIY computer building, computer gaming, Hiking, Gardening, Backpacking, Camping primitive style with few modern amenities.



New Mexico


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