About me

Hi. I live on the south coast of England and love being naked whenever I can, it’s the most comfortable and natural way to be. When I was first introduced to social nudity over 40 years ago, the enlightened people who did so called themselves nudists. To me, nudists, naturists and others who like to be free of clothing are the same, I know some differentiate between them, we all enjoy being naked. I am lucky to live near some clothing optional beaches and visit them whenever I can and know many other regular visitors to them. I have been a member at naturist/nudist clubs, but that was more in the past when they were the easiest way of meeting like-minded people. As I now have local nude beaches I don’t use them as much. I also enjoy walking/hiking naked and know of a few local places where this can be enjoyed fairly easily.

Hopefully sites like this will help remove the issues that everyday, straightforward public nudity faces and we can all be naked more freely, wherever those of us who would like that, can be. I really like social nudity, it feels such a natural and open way to be with others.

Who I'd like to meet

I'm a sociable person, I enjoy meeting new people, and making new friends, both in real life and online. I'm into making contact with others who enjoy the freedom of nudity, especially locally, or if you're visiting locally. Maybe arranging to meet up at local beaches, if you're new to the area I'm happy to show you places where we can enjoy the freedom to be naked outside. If you live further away I'm into sharing information about how we enjoy the nude way of life, places we have traveled to or hope to visit.



I'm not really into chart pop or opera, but otherwise enjoy a wide range, always into discovering new music from around the world.


Photography, walking, gardening, reading, anything I can do naked. Good food and wine/beer, I enjoy cooking as well as eating out. Travel, I've been fortunate to have done this in many parts of the world.





United Kingdom



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