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    Roger Ritter - "It looks better on a sunny day with lots of people. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer to return!"View
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    Tom Westcott - "There was a scandal yesterday in Germany, Saarbrücken. A group of naked bikers was stopped by the police and awaits now a penalty. That’s a shame in the 21st century!"View
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    Andy - "@naked-eran Eran, You are great nude married group! Amazing photos! I’m very touched. Thank you that you are sharing your mutual nude life with us. Thank you!"View
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    Kieran - "Who is moderating Naktiv these days? I made a recent posting wish people a happy new year. The posting was removed from the site that same day! I am not mistaken about this, my posting had definitely gone live. […]"View
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    Bepa Ball - "Some interesting thoughts and a good read I found on the net: naturist guide to naked hiking Naked hiking 101: Those offended by rumps need not enter When the wild calls, sometimes it calls to your innermost […]"View
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    Joe Mohdest - "It’s good to be back! I’d had computer problems, had more trouble fixing them, life got busy, but finally sorted through it all… had some fun naked adventures in the meantime, and looking back here, reminded me […]"View
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    Franck - "I’ve been away from here for months now but 2018 was a very good year for naked hiking, so let me share those marvelous moments with you. These photos were taken in February, as always in the French south Alps near Gap."View
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