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Pirate Bob says:`A naked life un-suits me.`A day without nudity is like a day with clothes.“Only the weak grow up.` I made a deal with God. If he doesn`t wear clothes when we talk together, I won`t either. He thought that a very good idea.Clothes don`t make the man. God makes the man. Clothes only hide the God. First outdoor nudist memory = 3 years old on island where Dad built a cabin – I went outside in early sun, red-headed toddler, while family still asleep, and laid on deck in weak morning rays, thinking I`d get an all over tan that way! Never looked back, nude outdoors every chance I get! Nudism is a credo, a religion for me. It is shameful to be ashamed of our bodies. Wearing clothes when not for protection and out of shame is sad. And writing laws that force me to join others in their sadness, well, that`s a sin. Sex. Two categories. Folks afraid. Folks not. Those afraid write laws and religions to control the unafraid. Nudity laws aren`t about obscenity. They`re about sexual insecurity. AANR and Pine Tree member. Pine Tree is an incredibly beautiful nudist family resort near Annapolis, Maryland. Such a great and friendly place! Bicoastal. Spend lotsa time in Seattle, Washington and Palm Springs, CA area.

Who I'd like to meet

Folks interested in naturist/nude fitness!I would like to open a nude fitness camp here in Borrego Springs, CA. Or just organize a regular summer naturist challenge boot camp. Folks who really appreciate these wonderful bodies we`re given, and take great care of themselves! Here, in Borrego, my workouts start with a nude 4 mile run, then 20 minute nude water workout — then, nude outdoor weight lifting — throw in some nude mountain biking, nude scenic hikes, nude tennis — and repeat workout then in afternoon! Sit poolside with a glass of red wine, listen to coyotes in evening. And praise this wonderful creation. Namaste!!!



Airplane!! Funniest movie ever! `And don`t call me Shirley` :-). All text and pix are copyrighted — all rights (and wrongs! LOL) reserved!


Law came first. Then Music. Then Emotion. Everything else is an instrument for one of those three things.

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AANR, Pine Tree Associates, Certified Fitness Instructor (indoor cycle),


Physical activity! Hiking, skiing, dancing to exhaustion, weight lifting, biking, tennis, swimming, running! Languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Bahasa — in order of fluency, from fluency in German to remnants of Bahasa from my Jakarta days.





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