New on Naktiv

January 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

I am a new member of this site.

My native language is “swiss-german”. That’s the reason, I often use “google-translation” german-> english. This can lead to funny sentences. So, excuse these mistakes.

I was born and growed up in the middle of Switzerland (a very conservative region: nudity = sin). For my education I moved to the Romandie (western of Switzerland). I removed. Now I am living and working in the “conservative region”.

It’s about 10 years (2009), a psychologist said to me: live your life, not the life of others.
That was the beginning of my life as naturist/nudist. Since 2015,
 I am almost always naked at home. This was also the start time for walking and fishing nude (only flyfishing and tenkara).

My wife isn’t a naturist/nudist. She has already visited a naturist area (rivabella on corse) with me. She liked to be naked, but but she would never walk naked outside of a camp. Our three children are no naturists/nudists.

I am member of INF, but not active in any group. I am “more or less” active in various forums.