Ronald Gale

    • How’s the shoulder doing?

      • Doing ok. But sore. It’s only been one day and I m already sick of this sling. Thank you for checking on me. How are you doing ?

        • I am doing OK. The Doc put me back on Amorodione to help keep my Afib from causing me problems. Feel a lot better. Hopefully, you can get the sling off shortly.

          • Well that’s good. Just be careful. Your heart is nothing to play around with. Yep. It will be a couple weeks with this sling. But I m ok.

    • Looks like you had a rough time.

      • I m ok. It’s a rare form of AVASCULAR Narcosis. I got it from a brain 🧠 tumor. Drs removed the tumor and the pituitary gland and put me on a high doses of steroids for the rest of my life. 3 years ago both my hips collapsed and got replaced 2 days apart then it moved into both shoulders and knees. It’s a rare form of AVASCULAR Narcosis

        • Hate to hear you have to go through all that. I will pray you get better and can get back normal.

    • Too much pain. Good that you teach us: someone can endure it

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