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May 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I truly love the ability to be able to shed the clothes off to truly feel alive and the liberating feeling that goes with it; for me it’s another step to be a barefooter. For me, it takes it to a whole new level.

I was always barefoot at home because I can’t stand anything on my feet. It’s also more comfortable that way. My first barefoot experience was not at a campgrounds, resort, or the pool… that’s a very common place where most of us are barefoot and that does not count.

I was about 10km from home wearing my old sandals when a thunderstorm came out of nowhere, bringing heavy rain with it. The sandals I was wearing are dangerous when they are wet because it’s like walking barefoot on marble floors with oil on your feet! Not gonna happen or I’m going to hurt myself! So I decided to take them off and walk home barefoot in the rain. It was a really nice feeling on the feet with the rain and the puddles. The whole walk home I got to experience so many new sensations and textures. Walking in the running water along the sides of the streets, wet grass, dirt, mud, rocks, even the painted lines on the roads have a different feeling on the feet. My feet never felt so happy to be free from footware! When I got home I was like a wet rat but that’s when I decided to try combining my love for Naturism with barefooting.

My first all day being truly completely free of the clothes and footwear was at La Pommerie, centre naturiste et écologique. I went there with my buddy Happy Bare one year and decided to spend the whole day naked and barefoot. While there are people there with sandals on their feet (and that’s fine) I wanted to be more in tune with nature by Earthing. (“When we make direct contact with the surface of the Earth our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better, fast.”) My favorite place over there to truly feel connected to nature was in the forest with the leafs, mud, and running streams. Oh there were some bridges to get over some of these streams, but I took the road — I mean stream less traveled on and walk across the stream, rather than taking the bridge.

Since that day, I find myself going barefoot a lot more back home in the city. However, there are more things to be cautious about when barefooting/earthing in the city. Watch out for sharp objects and other various foot hazards. My favorite place is talking a nice long walk along the water front (River in my case) I really don’t mind if my feet get dirty because I know after that I can clean them. Also, I always carry a pair of emergency sandals where I go.

Of course, if you’re new to barefooting/earthing, your feet will take some time getting use to rough surfaces. With time your feet will adjust and get used to it. I highly recommend barefooting/earthing for all ages! You’ll thank me later when you experience the feeling or sensation of being connected to the earth.

Bare River Flooding | The Naturist Page

May 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’m sure you’ve been reading in the tabloids about the flooding along the St. Lawrence river; it’s certainly never good for the residencies who live near the shore of these regions.

A few years go we had high waters but nothing like this year. Usually when you attempt to go to Bare River, you must descend a steep path having to walk your bike (or by foot) to go the next 2km or so to get to the area known as Bare River. The two kilometer trek is usually easy to get to riding your bike because there is a path to get you there — riding between a tree line, rocks and the shore.

This year, I went there a few days ago to find myself descending the path and I was to an abrupt stop. The water line was so high, that it’s impossible with a bike to even go 50m towards to Bare River due to all the trees and having to (at this time of year) walk with your bike in 10°c water. At this time of year it’s pretty cold to walk in that water for 2km. Even if I was even able to man-up the cold, by the time I arrived there would not be any place to lay a towel to enjoy the sun. The only way to find a place to lay the towel down would be inside the trees where the sun is blocked. so not much sun to enjoy. Of course you could enjoy some naked time — just minus the sun; at this time of year the air is cool in the shade. Not really naked weather yet in the shade.

Why not bike the 2km after the decent point you ask? It’s because if I were to do that, there is a large rock and tree line cliff where it’s almost straight down. So bringing a bike and trying to get down will be very difficult to do. Even if one were to manage to make the decent, it would be 4x harder getting back up.

Moreover, Tomorrow (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) they are calling for more rain in the forecast. I do hope it’s not too much. Only time can tell.

Naturism from summer to winter & Being with the FQN in Winter | The Naturist Page

October 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s obvious that once fall arrives, the cooler/colder temperatures start to make any Naturist that live in the colder areas of the earth, feel a little bummed out. I am one of them. It’s that time of year now where it’s time to hang up the usual activities I enjoy dearly outdoors in with nature and the feeling of that sun-kissed warmth of the sun getting my healthy dose of vitamin D. In Summer, I love going skinny dipping in the rivers, lakes and ponds. Naked hiking up north along the Red River; as well as weekend naked camping over there. It’s beautiful at night where your only light source is either the moon, campfire or a battery-powered flashlight. Escaping from the light i’d jump from rock to rock till i found a nice place to lay on a rock looking up in the sky and seeing more beautiful stars than grains of sand on a beach. Occasionally see a shooting star or three!

Now we’re a day away from Halloween and I’ve already began to feel some light snow on my face. It’s that time of year where if it wasn’t for the FQN, I’d probably be clothesfree with my wife indoors at home. I’m glad the FQN has been around since 1977 by a man we can not than more, Michel Vais. I think my first time I decided to give it a try with the FQN during the winter was sometime around 1994. I was around 16 years old then. back then, They had the YMCA near l’Allier metro station. Over there, they had EVERYTHING you’d love to do. a wide variety of activities you can do under one roof. Every Sunday, You had the choice to do what you loved to do. I for one, Always went first, down stairs to the Workout Gym. You would find me on the treadmill running away, or on the pedal bike trying to keep my legs active for cycling season. I love to ride my bike long distance in summer and this was the best way I could keep up my stamina for that. After a long good hard workout, I’d rinse down all the sweat and head on over to the swimming pool and swim until it was about to close. 30min before it did, I’d hit the sauna or hot tub where I’d then shower down and then the sad and dreadful part — getting dressed again for that -40°c trip back home that usually took one hour and thirty minutes to get home. They have the following activities at the time in the YMCA, swimming, running track, workout room, tennis, badminton, volleyball section, sauna, and hot tub. Not to mention the free coffee and occasionally free biscuits or cookies that other members would bring in for others. For me, that was the best location they had ever had.

Now a days, I feel either the FQN is lacking the funding or for whatever else may be the issue, have scattered the events all over and around Montreal. The same activities (except the workout gym) are spread all over the place that makes it difficult for someone like me to get around without a car. They are scattered in Montreal, Laval, Repentigny, etc. No longer in one spot. However, I am grateful that there are lifts available to these events where you can carpool with trusted members. I just wish it was like at the YMCA back then where you had everything under one roof where it was easier to get there and have the trouble to decide what to do next, rather than being forced to do what was happening at that venue — and only that at that venue.

I will forever support the FQN, because if it wasn’t for them, we’d be left in the cold quite literally in winter. Thank you very much, FQN. I’m so happy you guys are around to help make the winter blues feel easier to get through!

Why I (as a Naturist) stopped hosting the WNBR | The Naturist Page

October 25, 2016 in Lifestyle, Political

Although the intent for the World Naked Bike Ride is for the right reasons by promoting a greener future by reducing the use of gas and oil dependencies. as well as promoting body acceptance and of others by getting noticed by drivers that we as a cyclist are very vulnerable to cars and trucks; by getting people to use their bikes more and cars less.

I co-organized the Montreal WNBR for 3 years and in that three years it was a complete success. However, I could not help notice the same pattern each year within myself when it came to the general public who were not taking part in the event. The media are one thing — but the amount of others with all the camera *click* *click* *click*… people focusing on bits alone with cameras not taking photos of us for the event, but rather for the body parts. I felt like I was no longer co-organizing a World Naked Bike Ride, but rather a voyeurism event where it was like, “Ohh hey, come gather around and snap photos of the genitals!” Which was not the idea behind the WNBR at all.

In my first year of doing the WNBR we had nearly 200 people for the event. I first for Montreal to have so many participants involved. Then as the years went by the number had dropped significantly. By the 3rd year we were floating around 20-25 people. The reason that I believe is because of all these other people just snapping away and making the women and men feel uncomfortable to participate in the event by making them feel like objects. I no longer felt like I wanted to be a co-organizer for the WNBR with the feeling of being a responsible for in my mind, supporting all this voyeurism like behaviour with the non-participants. As a Naturist, I’ve never supported this kind of behaviour. So for that reason I’ve stopped co-organizing The Word Naked Bike Ride.

It’s one thing being part of the event and snapping photos to remember the day one took part in the WNBR. That’s fine. Just as long as you’re not being an ass by taking photos for the wrong reasons. It’s another when you’re not in the event. I will still participate in the World Naked Bike Ride, that’s for sure! I just don’t feel like as a Naturist that I should co-organize one with that been said.

Farewell Summer of 2016 | The Naturist Page

October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well, another summer is over and we can’t complain too much. It was warm up to today. As fall temperatures will settle in tomorrow, to stay. We find ourselves itching to seek out to the FQN/FCN events for winter. This way we may enjoy naturism outside my home. Check out your local Federation/Club/Campgrounds for winter events. You’d be surprised what they may have to offer with indoor events and activities. Us living in Montreal, we have indoor events such as swimming, aqua-fit, tennis, badminton, jogging, sauna, jacuzzi, Christmas dinner, the sugar shack, and other various activities within the community. So, turn them frowns upside down and think positive this winter! Make the best of it, you also could make more naturist friends in this manner =)

Since I’ve Been Gone | The Naturist Page

October 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

First off, I’d like to apologize for being so absent over the course of the summer. You can blame it on the Pokemon GO game. I’ve been addicted to the game since it came out and i have been out almost every day playing it. Meanwhile, in between that, I have had a chance to bike to Bare River a few times and have gone to La Pommerie once this summer. I found that this summer wasn’t as hot as last year and that made me a little sad. I was hoping for a much better summer, temperature wise, that is. No matter, I will be renewing our membership with the FQN soon and be taking part in the winter activities they have to offer. (Swimming, Spa, gym, Christmas dinner, etc)

Speaking of the FQN. I’d like to thank PoissonDansLeau for emailing me on information that there are plans — or being talked about… that the FQN maybe working on an English version of the FQN forums for the english speaking members and non-members. I feel this is a great idea. It could help get more members involved in the FQN and help grow the community by making it easier for the English-speaking members to get involved in the community.

I do have an idea for this, and I’m not sure how this would work, but if it did, it would make the forums much easier this way — By implementing a system/code to automatically translate any text from french to english for the english users and doing the same for the french speaking users, english to french (not the whole page. by having the code see each individual post and translate accordingly. This way, no matter who types what in between english or french, either side will see it fully in english for the Anglophones, and fully in french for the Francophones. It’s just an idea I had while i’m typing this blog. It only came to me after i had the email conversation.

Yes, I’m a Naturist but no that does not mean I’m sexual. | The Naturist Page

May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yes I’m a Naturist. You ask me to get my clothes on like it’s something wrong. It’s not, nudity to me is natural because we were all born this way. That clothes to us Naturists is for when it’s cold. I don’t come in to your home and ask you to get naked because I’m uncomfortable with clothing. In fact, I’m completely fine if your clothed or not. It’s a matter of choice if you decide to have clothes on or not. Naturists are very friendly and opened minded on lifestyles. Why would you discriminate social and non-sexual nudity? Embrace body acceptance and acceptance of others.

Don’t look at nudity as something shameful. What ‘is’ shameful is, linking social nudity as something sexual and tabooed. People been so brainwashed by media, news and all the porn on the internet/tv/mags — that textiles have had their minds re-programmed to when they see nudity ‘SNAP’ they automatically associate it with sexual-ism. Just as you who wear clothes, we are protective on who we associate with in life because even in the Naturist lifestyle we too have people who pretend or are nudsts who are uneducated in our way of life. Them people we disconnect with. We have the same in common… sexual predators. We’re just simply living on opposite sides of the pond. Textiles and Naturists don’t want to have to worry about having to encounter a sexual predator. Yes, by nature humans are sexual beings but there is a time and place for everything and to have maturity level and ability to control how one behaves in public, like the clothed world.

So please, the next time you visit a Naturist home or in person, evaluate them just as you in the clothed world as we do in the Naturist world and make your judgment responsibly. If you do encounter a Naturist, Talk with them and you will see we are actually very kind and friendly people.

Clarification on the terms of Naturist and Nudist

April 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Naturism. It’s not just about shedding your clothing and getting naked. So what is Naturism?

Naturism is to be in tune with nature with the elements of life and nature around you. It’s like the expression being high on life where you comfortable in your skin without any negativity around you. The love of the sun over your skin, the breeze across your skin and the feeling of the earth on your bare feet. Experiences like this are often heightened more so with a friend, family member(s) or a loved one where you and who you’re with, can experience it together. Just remember, much like the textile world, lewd behaviour is frowned upon in the Naturist community when in the public. There is nothing wrong with being intimate — it’s a natural human behaviour. However, if you want to be intimate with your partner, please do that in the privacy of your home where you wont offend somebody.

Nudist. What’s wrong with the term and why do so many people get confused with the term?

The problem with the term nudist is the media and porn industries use this term all the time and this is why people rather be called a Naturist than be called a Nudist. But is there a difference between the two terms? In the Naturist community’s view there is no real difference. I think the main reason why people rather be called a Naturist is due how the media and porn industries portray the term to be something sexual when using the term ‘nudist’.

You may use either term really. Places in Europe rather use the term nudist. Maybe because Europe has already divided nudity and sexual behaviour as being two different things. That to be naked isn’t a sexual statement and by simply being naked is being normal or natural.

Naturism is a lifestyle that isn’t judgmental. As long as your being yourself and enjoying the high on the clothes free life — yes we all have flaws on our bodies, who doesn’t? I have many scars from sports, surgeries, and acne. This does not stop me from enjoying my life. Am i worried that people will in a figuratively manner point fingers and whisper to others on my flaws? Not in the least. Naturists aren’t judgemental in that way because we respect one and other for our character. Unlike in the textile world where judging people is all around us. people judge others on the bus, metro/subway, malls, on the street, even in our very home where they feel they though was a haven from negativity.

Stop the body shaming and being judgemental on others. Learn self-respect for yourself and of others. You’ll find you will see and feel what it is to feel true freedom and have a much better respect of even the little things around you. You only live once, enjoy it now because even if you tell yourself that if people usually live to 100 years — that 100 years FLYS by fast!

Montreal needs an Official ‘Urban Naked Zone’ | The Naturist Page

April 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

I was sitting here sipping my coffee looking out the window trying to think of a place next week to sunbathe, without offending someone who might end up calling me out and getting the police involved. I thought about it for a moment when Germany came to mind.

Germany has for around two years now have set up 6 official urban naked zones. Munich, Englischer has two places and Isar River Garten does as well. Because Germans do not make other people feel uncomfortable in their nakedness and unlike western countries that have taboos around public nudity. Germans accept no link between sexuality and the naked body.

I thought about it for a while. Where in Montreal would be a good spot for an urban naked zone. The only places I could think of was maybe somewhere on Mount Royal (Tam-Tams maybe or elsewhere) or Parc Angrignon. The main hiccup with this idea is how people would handle seeing the naked body. Whereas Germany does not find nudity a problem at all and will not be offended unless you make it sexualized.

I also feel that it’s not just Montreal that we should be wishing for more urban nude zones, but across Canada, USA, UK, etc — everywhere.

Nudist or Naturist? | The Naturist Page

April 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

So what’s the difference? I just had an intelligent conversation with a friend of mine about this and yes, we did share different views on this subject, but you know what? Really, after a long conversation with my friend Yvonne, it all came down to this…

In the Nudist/Naturist community there is no difference between the two because they mean the exact same thing. however, the main hiccup in society with textiles is they really get them two confused. Sure, you can google search the two and find very different results but this is why i’m sitting here writing this and you’re reading this. Textiles tend to use the term Nudist and others Naturist — but is there really a difference between the two terms? Nope! They actually mean the same thing and even people who are jaded know this yet prefer the term Naturist when people ask if they are a nudist.

Call yourself anything you want. Naturist, Nudist … it all comes down to the same thing. Whether you call yourself a Nudist or a Naturist we are all simply comfortable in our own skin and without sexual intent and are just happy and naked. I know friend of mind who was blocked by Naturist UK over a tedious poll. the voting choices were simply as follow:


And guess what happen when she replied, “What’s the difference, as long as everyone is naked and happy” She was blocked by Naturist UK for a simple comment as such and to me in my mind that was uncalled for, for Naturist UK to block over a common comment most Naturists make all the time. to be happy and naked isn’t a term that is negitive.

What Naturist UK does not realize is the one they blocked someone over this normal comment. They are a Naturist community here in Canada and are well known to us and the area of Ontario and Quebec. A new Campgrounds but a really respected campgrounds in my opinion. I just wish the Federation of Canadian Naturists would recognize them and help them out as much as they did and always have with Bare Oaks Naturist Park.

I think it’s time to think out of the box and not just focus on one resort/campgrounds and help new communities like Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and other communities out west as well. I know someone out west by the ailis of Rusty who resides in the BC and have been forever asking the FCN to help out west and they will not seem to lift a finger for our western Nudists. I think we should do like AANR and have a east and west FCN to better help and support resorts/campgrounds ect. Quebec was fortunate to have the Federation of Quebec Naturists (FQN) to help out quebec. However I feel its time to have a FCN-East and FCN-West

I’m sorry that this ended up to be two blog in one but I felt it was necessary to mention this all in one blog for a friend of mine.

(see original post on wordpress for the image/poll I was talking about)

Question on First Amendment VS Facebook Policy | The Naturist Page

March 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

I don’t know much about CA, USA laws, however isn’t Facebook breaking the First Amendment on simple non-sexual nudity? It’s not obscenity. Im confused. I’m bringing this topic up because I read an article such as this one from the First Amendment Center where they talk about how the First Amendment does not protect pornography & obscenity — yet Naturism isn’t ponography or obscenity. Facebook users are getting their non-sexual/obscene photos, accounts, pages and groups either blocked or removed and more and more people are turning to Twitter where they strongly believe in the freedom of speech.

In one paragraph of the article states, “Even more fundamentally, nudity does not equal obscenity. The Supreme Court recognized this in Jenkins v. Georgia, when it ruled that the film “Carnal Knowledge” was not obscene. Justice William Rehnquist wrote in that 1974 case that “nudity alone is not enough to make material legally obscene under the Miller standards.”” So, does mean Facebook is breaking The First Amendment? I honestly do not know since I never lived in the United States or California for that matter.

Do you think that it would be possible to use this against Facebook to change their policy and allow non-sexual/obscene nudity and ban those who are obscene or with sexual intent to offend others just as the First Amendment stays? It’s a question i’m sure a lot of of left us scratching our heads.

Today is World Water Day | The Naturist Page

March 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today, we celebrate World Water Day, where we may love our coffees and hot drinks, lets take a moment and remember that not all of us have this luxury to use water as freely as others. Where water might seem abundant where you’re from yet very scarce for others. Water is life, save water and let’s help protect this vital resource. 750 million people around the world lack access to safe water; approximately one in nine people. “Water is the driving force of all Nature” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

What can you do when growing up in a household of non-nudists | The Naturist Page

March 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

While some people have it better than others, being raised in a Naturist/Nudist family. Not everyone has the luxury of a clothing optional house growing up with their parents, roommates and sometimes even their spouse. This topic has been around since nudism has begun. However it was a lot more open in the 60’s with the peace & love movement of the hippies and woodstock. I can give you my humble opinion what options you have to make your life style a little more easier.

Some people are what are called closet nudists. No, i’m not talk about people who lock themselves in their closet, but the type who in the comforts of their bedroom is the only place they feel they can be nude. This is perfectly fine, so don’t think or feel it’s degrading at anytime. In fact it’s a great way to discover your body-acceptance in a comfortable level that you can freely be yourself or test the waters if Nudism is for you in the comfort of your own bedroom. One thing you might want to consider is if you’re not ready to let the other(s) know that you’re a nudist is to always have something to cover up next to you and ask them that if your door is closed to knock and allow you answer the door. Tell them you’d like their respect when your door is closed… also might consider a chain lock on your bedroom door to help prevent unexpected surprises.

Though that may be good for you — you may eventually consider talking to who you’re living with and explain to them you’re a nudist. Make sure they understand this does not mean you like to lock yourself in the bedroom doing naughty things because that is not what true Naturism/Nudism is about. Tell them it’s a way of life and that it’s completely non-sexual. Sometimes they will still be a bit confused after that been said, so you can support that last statement by explaining to them that the lifestyle is exactly as they are with being clothed. Except the only difference is, you rather live clothesfree. In most cases this approach will give you the mutual respect needed on both parties.

If you succeed with that, there is two other steps with living with another who isn’t a nudist. This is the harder one. After they have been educated on your lifestyle and they understand that it’s non sexual and have become comfortable with you being nude in your room and you have been respectful back you can then approach them with one last final question. Ask them if they are comfortable with nudity and not offended if they were to see you walking from your room to the bathroom or to have a shower. If they are ok with that, give it some more time before you can finally ask if they didn’t mind and would be comfortable if you were to be freely to walk around the house just like anyone else would in the nude. Hopefully if they say they are fine with it. Also, always remember the golden rule to sit on a towel anywhere you you are sitting. It’s for sanitary reasons and he/she will have a better respect for your life choices.

If all else fails, then the only option that will not always work for everyone, is if you’re living with your parents to wait until you move out and get your own place where it’s your house, your rules.

First Rain of 2016 | Scott RedCloud

February 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

I had quite an interesting commute today. Leaving at 7am this morning in blowing snow the size of quarters, My sister and I needed to head down south of Montreal for an appointment and the snow later turned into freezing rain. While trying to prevent myself from pulling a ‘Bambi’ on the ice and risk hurting my already healing fractured wrist. I did not want to slip and hurt myself and be in a cast again for an additional 8 weeks. The last 8 weeks were the worse for me. The simplest of tasks I needed to learn how to do all over again. Washing dishes for example. I discovered the best way was to wash my feet very good, sit up on the counter and hold the dishes with my feet and wash with my left hand. I told myself, hey, at least it gets the job done; also using my mouse with a left hand by moving it to the left side of my keyboard.

After waiting 45min for a bus to go back to Montreal with our Tim Hortons coffee in our hands the bus finally arrives and we were happy to get out of the ugly weather we were having — only until the bus driver figures he’s a snow plow and drives through a snowbank to pick up another commuter. When the bus tried to pull out and continue his route he found himself dumbfounded and could not break free from the grasp of winter’s snow. The bus, rocking back and forth to try create a path to break free… he gave up and called in help. Help took another 30min to arrive and at that point their were passengers who decided to give up and get off to walk to their destination. When we were finally saved by another bus I could not wait to get home and shower because the bus was so hot, I was sweating in my winter clothes.

After my shower, I sit here looking outside my window at my balcony seeing the snow melting off my burlap-wrapped tree and summer umbrella to see the freezing rain turned in to actual rain. The first rain of 2016. Just thinking about that is giving me high hopes for the early spring they have predicted and visually seeing myself biking to Bare River for the first time of 2016. I want to start on my tan and to finally be clothesfree outside with the warm sun kissing my skin and the gentle breeze among friends of mine in the area. Winter is so long and can be depressing for me, since there is not very much one can really do as far as clothesfree activities without freezing your butt off.

C’mon Spring and Summer, I think I can speak for most of you for that being said.

2Bare2Wear Shop | The Naturist Page

February 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Harmen, a 27 year old from the Netherlands is the founder of 2Bare2Wear; started his business in April of 2015 with the help of SpreadShirt. SpreadShirt is worldwide and handles the printing, shipping and the aftercare the merchandise. If your shipment was damaged or something goes wrong, Spreadshirt will handle any problems for you.

Harmen started his business because he was looking some shirts to express his love for Naturism and that having a shirt with "Naturist" etc on it could spark a conversation with others to talk about Naturism. However, Harmen could not find anything to suit his interest — so, he set out to design them himself and begin a business by doing just that. At first, his business was completely experimental with one shop. Visitor counts were up, yet sales were not so much. This is when he decided to open up more shops in different currencies and languages. Harmen now has 8 shops in total and says that way, it could keep shopping costs to a minimum.

Harmen says, some people like to think that he is doing it for the money when in fact, he is not. With efforts to keep costs low and with the rising costs from Spreadshirt, he only makes a commission of $1/€0,60. Despite all the money he has invested in his business in advertizing and designs, he does not plan to stop what he loves doing; founded 2Bare2Wear so more people will know the true meaning of Naturism. That is all what matters to him, "Spreading the word"

When asked why he created 2Bare2Wear, he told me that he thought a lot of people in the textile world were getting the wrong idea on Naturism; says the biggest assumption was they found it was related to sexualism. He says he is trying to get that image out of their heads and better educate people on the true nature of the meaning of Naturism.

Harmen loves what he is doing and says he gets very positive reactions from people worldwide. With no intention to stopping what he loves to do, he plans to have new designs for 2016!

You can contact 2Bare2Wear via email at or, visit his Facebook or Twitter pages. You can also find his online shops at the follow addresses below: ( Europe ), ( UK ) ( USA )

A Donation for Kids with Cancer | Scott RedCloud

November 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

So my kids who suffer from cancer have to go through chemotherapy and it brings their spirits down when they loose their hair or having to go bald. I can’t imagine how or what they think when they think or say they with they had hair once again.

So I decided to cut my long hair and donate it to the Canadian Children’s Cancer Society for a good cause. Today, I cut off 8 inches of hair and followed the list of steps to take in doing so. Tomorrow I’ll be printing off e-label on a laser printer at a government office to send it for free of shipping in Mississauga Ontario. I guess I can say Merry Christmas From Scott RedCloud to you my child and hope it makes you smile and bring your spirits up and all the best in beating your cancer.

I could not find a better reason to do this because I’m a very caring person and often think of others before myself. I do not need a thank you, all I want is a smile and knowing that I made your day is thank enough for me.

~Scott RedCloud

Movember | The Naturist Page

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Movember is a time of the year where it raises mens health awareness for prostate cancer and other health issues. I’m not one to grow a moustache because I hate facial & pubic hair … but for a one time deal I decided to take part in the no shave November month just for kicks and giggles. It’s hard enough for me as a Native American to grow facial hair and it does take a longer time than usual for me. though for a good cause I decide to take the plunge and try it for one time in my life.

Knowing it’s usually a time and cause to raise money for the cause .. I can’t afford to do it for it’s main cause I choose to do it on my own behalf to encourage others to donate because its for a good cause. If you Google ‘Movember’ you’ll get a detailed description of why annually its promoted.

That been said, i’ll be taking a photo once a day for the whole month to record my progress. I hate beards so naturally I’ll only be recording my moustache progress along the way. On November 1st I shaved and we’ll see the progress from Nov 1st to Dec 1st..

“Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” | The Naturist Page

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A friend of mine on Facebook had come across a question via NUSA’s Facebook post asking “Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” I told myself that, that’s a good question. I could not answer the question myself so I did some research, asked friends and on my group on Facebook.

The following may or not be the true reasons, however it’s what I’ve gathered to be close to the real reason why it is so, today. The main reason why it seems that there is so many ‘white’ nudists and Naturists is what I now find very obvious is it’s called majority. Since nudism began in Europe and then the America’s there are far more white people who live the lifestyle. If you’re black, latin, native american, from india or any other place that is a minority — there are not enough of that type to go around.

Some of these type of people also may rather be nude around their home and near home rather than participate in nude recreation. Some may also feel awkward going to a resort or campground being the only one from their ethnic race.

I believe this maybe why YNA, YBN & YNC were founded in the beginning for the reason that young people feel awkward going to a club, resort or campgrounds being the only young person among many old or older people.

Religion also has an impact on Naturism and nudism in certain countries. Some countries like in Asia and Middle East have strict laws when it comes to nudity. If they go to a country that allows social nudity, they tend to keep it in their head that they have to follow their laws from their country of origin, even if they are in a country that allows social nudity.

Stop the body shaming | The Naturist Page

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Learn to love your body. You only have one and everyone is beautifully unique! There is no such thing as a bad body unless you think like how news, media and magazines make you forced to think like them. Not one person is the same and we all have war scars that tell a story about what you went through in life. Stop reading them beauty magazines because they are photoshopped, added tons of makeup to make them look the way they do… so… in essence, they are turned from naturally beautiful to a fake. stop the body shame and hate. NOBODY is perfect and that makes it perfectly beautifully unique.

Naturism and Nudism isn’t sexual! | The Naturist Page

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What is with some of the people I come across, who either I meet in person, in chat, people who follow me that claim to promote Naturism and Nudism; are convinced that the act of it is completely sexualized. They have their minds set on sexual photos, videos, close-ups and talk about everything but the true nature of Naturism and Nudism.

I got news for you! What you believe in your lifestyle isn’t what you preach. “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment” ~ International Naturist Federation

Recognize and understand the difference, so you’re not confused with the real definition of true meaning of the lifestyle “Naturism & Nudism”. Yes, course we all have sex but, like in the textile world, there is a time and a place for everything — certainly not in public.

Elderly and Heatwaves | The Naturist Page

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It becomes very uncomfortable during the hot months of summer. Especially when you get heatwaves that soars temperatures over 35°c/95°f. For many of us it’s no big deal, we can handle the heat. However, when/if you’re 65 years old or more, many people can not handle the heat as the younger individuals.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because our elders suffer from heat stroke more than us younger than they are. I can not imagine how the textile elderly feel when it is already hot outside and they have to dress and put more layers on. I’m only taking a wild guess that perhaps, just maybe, this is why there are more people who are older in Naturism today — or is it because of something else. I don’t truly know the answer for their being more people who are older in Naturism. Most of my life growing up I’ve always been asking myself this question and never really asked the question to people simply because at the time i felt it was irrelevant to ask someone.

Recently, I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if when the weather was 35°c/95°f with the humidity that it would be legal to be clothing optional anywhere on your own land/balcony, beaches, parks or swimming pools? The idea is much more likely to me to come true one day than to have it clothing optional everywhere you want to be regardless if it was hot or not. Though I still think we’re a long way before any of that to happen anytime soon since the way society seems to view Naturism/Nudism as a sexual statement and not as a way of life. It’s going to take a lot more educating the public the difference before we can see a body positive future in public Naturism/Nudism as something liberating and free way of life.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, feel free to send me a message on my Facebook page, or email me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions the best of my abilities.

My Camping Adventure at Bare River | Scott RedCloud

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After a beautiful Friday afternoon with Happy Bare at Bare River, it dawned on us that since it was going to be very hot and humid (35°c to 39°c) to come back the next day and spend the day camping overnight on Saturday and to watch the fireworks that were going to be fired from LaRonde. It was going to be Italy to fire their show too. Saturday morning came and after sitting on the balcony getting some morning rays of sunshine while sipping my coffee, I preheated my oven to cook us some sweet and spicy italian sausages to bring with me to the river for us to munch on. I packed as much as I could carry with my saddle bags on my bike rack. packed 5 liters of water and bungeed sleeping bags. I also had my backpack filled with my camera, tripod and a sweater incase it got cold overnight or first thing in the morning. the back of my bike was so heavy that hitting a bump or pothole on the ground caused my front tire to lift up off the ground so I had to lean forward when I saw that a bump was coming and or avoid it by going around them when I could.

Arriving at Bare River i disrobed and biked to our camping spot, I saw someone else we knew with his friend going to camp overnight as well. I stopped and briefly made some small talk and he told me that he was just talking with Happy Bare and told us that we’re going to be neighbours tonight! it was great because we’ll have company to watch the fireworks together and sit by the fire.

Getting to our spot, I meet up with Happy Bare to enjoy the sun but it was still very overcast and windy. So we decided to start putting the tent up while waiting for the clear skies we could see off in the distance over montreal. The longest and most tiring part of the whole setting up was Happy Bare pumping up the air mattress.

I gave him a hand by finishing it up because you had to use the palm of your hand to pump it over a hole to push down and back up. the pump was built in the mattress so you can only imagine how long and exhausting it was. Once the tent was up and all set for the evening, we collected dead branches and logs for our campfire to be for the evening.

Just before it got late, it was 5pm when I made sure to unload everything off my bike and with just my empty backpack to go on a beer run to the IGA some 10 km away. When I arrived, I locked my bike and went in to the IGA to get some beer and some chips and then unlock my bike and head back… or at least that’s how I wanted it to go that smooth. Upon arriving where I locked my bike, I put the key in the keyhole to turn it 360° in one direction to unlock but it didn’t happen that simple. The key broke at the handle! looking at the metal key part and the plastic handle of where the key use to be — socked and frustrated at the company that designed a solid metal key with a plastic handle! Now what was I to do? I tried to use my hands to turn over what was left of the key to unlock my bike and I could only get it half way. it was so stiff I was starting to hurt my fingers. I decided to go back in to IGA and as if they may have had pliers in the back store I could borrow, but they told me the manager already left for the day and he had the key for the tools. They apologized and said they wish they could have helped me. At this point I was in panic mode. Trying over and over again without success, I had an idea. I took my keys out and looked for the two keys I use less (so I don’t damage them) to sandwich in between my bike lock key and use the two other keys like pliers to turn over the key. After a few tries, I finally got it unlocked — YAY! When I finally got back to Bare River, I showed and explained to Happy Bare my little adventure. He tried to turn they key with his own hands and he had no success with it either. I told myself, it’s going in the garbage when I get home tomorrow.

Finally, we could enjoy the rest of the day and decided to take this shot of me being a little silly by sitting on a rock in the water, crossing my legs native american style and arms up with index and thumbs together with my eyes closed pretending to meditate facing the sun and feeling the wonderful sun and the heavy humidity in some light wind. (15 km/h winds) During the rest of this wonderful day we snacked on the food I brought and Happy Bare made some delicious chicken drumsticks!

Watching the beautiful sun slowly setting, we captured some really nice photos as the set was setting in stages that just were captivating!

There were many beautiful shots, but too many to put on my wordpress blog so i’ll post the best ones. In one photo, the combination of the sun, light clouds and with the forest fires in Ontario, the sun was looking like the planet Jupiter! In another one, the clouds overlapped the middle of the sun just perfectly to form what looked like a double sun! Stunning!

We started our campfire just before sunset and fire was great, nice and warm on the skin. Felt good with the now cooling down of the wind, so I put my towel down next to the fire to enjoy it for the rest of the night. from time to time we’d move around the logs and add more sticks and branches. However, soon after the photo of me on the right was taken — at the corner of our eye, we seen red flashing up the tree line of the hill we were next to. It was the fire department! with haste, I turned to Happy Bare and said, “Get your shorts on!” Fumbling for our shorts and rushing to get them on as you can hear the doors from the fire engine close and it was like a scene from a movie without seeing the firemen physically, all you could see were 6 to 8 flash light moving about, up the hill. I got my shorts on first so to draw their flash lights away from Happy Bare to give him more time to get dressed, I gave them a holler, “Hello!” Right then and there, now I felt like I was at some popular concert or event being on stage and ALL the lights turned to me. They gave a shout out back by saying hello as they carefully made it down the very large and rocky terrain to get down to our level. Half way down the hill they told us we’re not allowed to have a campfire and without hesitation, we said, “Alright, we’ll burn it out.” Happy Bare and I, pulling the hot blazing logs in to the river water one by one while the firemen watched us. With hissed and sizzling, each log made a lot of noise and steam. The kind of sound of over boiling water makes on a stove top when the water goes over the top and drips down and hits the burner.

The Fire was put out and finally being able to talk to the firemen, they said we’re also not allowed to camp there. We asked if we could stay the night because by then, it was going to be too late to pack up and make it in time before they closed the bridge for the night. They told us it’s fine as long as they don’t see us tomorrow evening. I’m guessing they thought were travelers looking to set up camp for the night because the next thing they said almost made me laugh out loud. I’ve been coming here for a long time now and what they said absolutely no sense. The said It’s not safe to be camping here overnight because their were some mean and nasty pot growers who come around here to tend to their crops. Nasty Pot growers? ha! The terrain is for one, not suitable for growing pot. The ground is full of a mix of tiny rocks, large boulders, and really small rocks that are almost the size of sand. Two, This is a public and very skinny seaway. If their are pot growers on a public seaway, wouldn’t you think they the police would have already got involved to stop them? Happy Bare and I could only laugh after they had gone and joked about the whole thing.

Now that the fire department was gone, we disrobed again and it was about that time to go and watch the fireworks with our neighbours. Arriving, We noticed they still had their fire going and asked them if they were seen by the firemen as well — turns out they hid and since their fire wasn’t blazing like our, we were essentially a light up like a christmas tree so they came to us instead. Our luck, huh? We sat/stood by their fire and we watched not only LaRonde’s fireworks but panning to the left of us another fireworks show! We’re looking left and right not sure what one to watch because both were beautiful! After the fireworks, we finished our beer and went to sleep for the night.

Waking up, it was a little chilly so I was glad that I brought a light sweater. We wanted to stay the day before leaving, however, we had two things against us to being able to do so. For one, we didn’t want to risk the fire department to recon to see if we were still there and risk the $500 fine they had mentioned the night before — and when I checked the weather and radar on my phone, they were calling for a thunderstorm. It was then we decided to pack up and head out. I biked nearly 60 km total between the two days. Despite all that, we had a great camping trip and will do it again… just without a campfire.

Montreal’s Successful Daytime 2015 WNBR | Scott RedCloud

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Montreal’s daytime World Naked Bike Ride bared as they dared on July 5th to promote for a cleaner future, bicycle safely, and body acceptance was once more, a successful ride with around 60-70 riders. around 6 of them during the ride seen us coming and dropped their bike to disrobe on the spot to join the ride!

Though, not as many showed up this year as last years 200+ — we’re still happy with the outcome. Montreal’s WNBR is far from being anything like Portland, Oregon’s 10,000 riders. And to be honest, I can only imagine how police would even be able to escort that many in such tight downtown streets of Montreal.

I was also happy to see more Naturists join the ride and some were from the FQN (Federation of Quebec Naturists.) Since the WNBR isn’t a Naturist event, The Naturists like me that did come, showed their support for a cleaner and better world for future generations.

Please do not forget our next ride will be on August 1st, We’ll meet up for 9pm and then we’ll ride at 10pm at Dorchester Square doing the same route as we did during the daytime. We’d like to thank everyone that came in the daytime and hope to see you all again and more for the nighttime ride!

Montreal’s WNBR is coming back again this year! | Scott RedCloud

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With the approach of our second time hosting the World Naked Bike Ride approaching, we’re keeping an eye on the weather. A few days ago it was announcing 80% chance of rain however, recent checks of the weather shows that it’s only a 40% chance of light showers. We believe we’ll just go ahead and do the ride since it will be 30°c with the humidity and a little rain isn’t going to bother us when its 30°c outside.

May we remind you that Daniel and I are going to be the pace leaders in front and you’re all to remain behind us (Do not pass us) and follow the traffic rules and police escort. Last year, we had a little issue. Police wants us to try to stick together and NOT fall behind like last years ride (mainly the night ride when people were distracted with the un-cycles doing tricks. This is fine to do when we’re stopped in traffic but PAY ATTENTION when we start moving again. There is a reason why police want us to stick together. Drivers are waiting for us to pass so the flow of car traffic may move along sooner rather than longer when people fall behind. I’m assuming they will have cars behind us, in front of us and on the sides of us to control the traffic flow. Remember that our route is in the middle of heavy downtown traffic so please pay attention.

Finally, I’d like to remind users renting the Bixi bikes that if your going to go nude on the public Bixi bicycles to please have some more respect by either bringing a small hand towel and sitting on it rather than bare butt OR disinfect the seat when you’re done with the Bixi service. (Hygienic purposes)

We hope to see you all there this year and most importantly have FUN!! Daniel and I (Scott) Will be there around 1pm. Wait for me or Daniel to give the OK to disrobe because since yes, we have confirmation to do the ride, we have not yet got the window if we disrobe 30min before or 15min before. Daniel will contact police on Monday the 29th of June to verify this.

*More ass Less Gas!*

*Less Cars, More Bikes!*

*Burn Fat, NOT Oil!*

~Scott RedCloud

Random Thought | The Naturist Page

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Get connected and in-tune with nature and you’ll find yourself loving each and every moment in your life. Stop — and listen… and listen to the birds, bees, fish jumping, water moving and life around you away from the city. you’ll feel like your in a whole different world that makes me feel more alive and appreciate the little things in life.

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