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I have been wanting to explore my naturist side for many years, but spent years running the 'not in front of the children', 'what would our friends and family say?' and 'when I lose weight and have a figure worth sharing' excuses.Now, though, my children are old enough to understand and tolerant enough to ignore; there are worse things I could tell friends and family and although I do have some extra weight I could do with shedding, I have reached a stage of thinking if anyone doesn't like my body it's really their problem not mine.So here I am, taking each step in my own time.3yrs ago, I started sunbathing naked in my garden.The following year I became fully home-naturist.Last year, I started stripping off if I found myself in a quiet spot on the beach or the moors.And this year I have taken the huge (for me!) step of sharing my naturism with others.



I don't have favourites because I change my mind so often and generally avoid anything being hyped. I am currently trying to catch up with the rest of the world and am watching some of the past hit movies but am pretty underwhelmed so far.Watched my first Star Wars film last year (one of the originals but I don't know which)- not seeing what the fuss was on that!There are some movies I will watch over and again: Roman Holiday, The Usual Suspects, Blithe Spirit, The Lost Boys (I know!), The Beasts of the Southern Wild, Tideland and a few others.I love silent movies – particularly Harold Lloyd, movies which have something different about them and movies that make you sit up and pay attention.I like a scary movie, but prefer mess-with-your-head scary to blood, guts and monsters.I enjoy a good comedy movie but hate the slushy predictability of a rom-com.Happy to hear any suggestions on movies I should try to watch…


I love all types of music really. I am just as happy listening to a nice calming cello solo as a pounding piece of thrash metal.The only things I don't really enjoy are dubstep, acid jazz and electropop – but it may just be that I've not yet heard the right examples.


I love taking photos, particularly of flowers and insects – although my children are my most perfect subjects! Not relevant to naturism, but if anyone wants to take a look at my pics, they are on Flickr: – I don't claim to be in any way a professional though!I also enjoy arts and crafts; like to cross-stitch, make jewellery, crochet and have recently started to make lingerie.I am lucky to live in an area with beautiful surroundings – beaches, countryside, forests and moorland – so make the most of it by getting out and about as often as my situation allows.





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