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Always Naked! I'm a lucky man to have a nudist partner by my side. We love having naked cocktail parties and naked brunches, etc…. always naked! We do most everything possible naked. It's a wonderful way of life–and amazingly freeing!!!! He is the jewel in my eyes. | I am also on the Board of Directors for GNI, Gay Nautrists International. ( I love life naked! Also–I don't get the people that friend me and then their profile is 100% locked-down! How in the hell do I know who you are??? (my soap-box!) —- I love Driving naked. (especially with the top down!) love going out with buds and doing naked dares together. Naked in the streets of San Francisco is one of our favorites! Also the twice-a-year naked drive down to Key West we cherish. (naked for the drive… Naked all weekend… Naked in the Bourbon Pub… Naked-naked!) — Something I thought I wouldn't have to mention is; I'm totally in love and committed to my man. We don't play, share, or have any type of sexual encounters with others. It's just our common feelings. Nothing to do with being worried, etc. It's just a part of our fabric. That said, we do love to see other naked people! An erection is a beautiful thing… and spectacular to see (and touch) — but that's it. We won't be offended if you 'ask' to play — but please don't be offended when we say no. We have a 'line'. (not like former US Prez Clinton… hehee) That said: Naked Hugs and GO FORTH NAKED!!!! —- GOT NAKED IN BARCELONA… !!! UPDATE: I was naked in Barcelona! Well, painted. Painted like a Spanish Footballer! And Spain won the EuroCup that night… It was an amazing experience! Then the 45-minute walk 'home' across Barcelona. More amazing! (the feeling of my willy wagging and bouncing as I walked, with the breeze–fantastic!!!!!! Screaming Viva Espana!)





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