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Hi, where do I begin? I suppose it all started when I was in my teens, if not before. I was always better at taking my clothes off rather than putting them on, much to my mother's annoyance…. I remember 1976 was a really hot summer and we had a paddling pool in the garden. I was four years old. What did I need clothes for. I was more comfortable without.Then I went to school and it wasn't long before a teacher caught me naked and there was a fair old row about that. Parents were told so I got a bollocking at home as well. But as I got older I got smarter and would go to extra ordinary lengths to be naked without getting caught. I would wait for my parents to go out so that I could run around the house naked and eventually I started going outdoors too. It was only a matter of time before I became more daring and ventured further afield.My teenage years were a blur, doing all the usual teenage things… the main difference being I discovered girls and being naked suddenly took on a whole new dimension. There were some memorable school trips, camping holidays, and parties which all involved various degrees of nudity but it was all fairly innocent and attributed mainly teenage hormones and showing off.As an adult I discovered naturism, which was something of a revelation to me. I'd always known about naturists but to realise that there were other people who enjoyed social nudity suddenly gave me a sense of identity and belonging. I joined various groups but was always unsure about the family friendly image promoted by such groups. It was almost like they were trying too hard to make naturism acceptable. I guess because I hadn't grown up in a naturist family it just seemed weird. I cant imagine seeing my parents naked…. So, I call myself a nudist and continue to pursue a naked lifestyle wherever possible. I don't believe in being confined to designated places but I wouldn't walk down the street naked or deliberately cause offence. I believe that being naked is a natural state and that there are spiritual benefits from being at one with nature. I enjoy naked hiking, skinny dipping, and general social nudity. I'm comfortable in my own skin. I have no agenda and accept people as they are. I realise that different people have different views and I believe that with a little common courtesy we can all get along just fine.I'm here to share ideas and thoughts with other like minded people but I'm not looking for any kind of lasting relationship. I am who I am…

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