MONTAÑA AMARILLA (Tenerife, next to TenBel)

I want to tell you about one of my favorites places in Tenerife to get naked and hiking and swimming… This is Montaña Amarilla. It is a seaside volcano colorful yellow. Since some years ago, there is a beach bar very near so this place now is full of non nudist people. So I need more naked people come to visit it.


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  1. We have visited Tenerife many times in years gone by, our favourite part was Los Cristianos. There were no official nudist beaches in that locality but there were often ways to find areas to get our preferred beach relaxation. Our most favoured area was only a short walk from the central beach, not quite as far down as the ‘Arona Grand Hotel’ complex. Though it was more of a ‘shingle & small rocks’ place we always found a cosy place. Though it wasn’t a well-used place there were a few who found their own small places. We would arrive there with ‘costumes’ under our regular clothes and do an initial visual scan of the area. We have known police to appear quickly and ‘escort’ people away? More often we were able to strip fairly soon and just ‘be aware’ of any people arriving who were there to just look at any naked people!

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