Moorea, not really naturist friendly

Just a few lines, we managed to stay for a week in Moorea, that is an island part of the French Polynesia (usually Tahiti is a more well known name but that is the island next door to it). A lot of research already indicated that it is not a naturist friendly island at all, and, it’s sad as it’s close to paradise, but you have to accept that.
We however managed to rent a whole house for the 2 of us so we had it for ourselves and a bit of garden and plunge pool with it! Although not totally shielded from the little lane in front of it we felt comfortable going au-naturel every day (that is in and around the house only) and don’t seem to have offended any of the few passers-by.

The climate is, pfewwww, hot hot hot, and very humid. You hang your towel to dry in the evening, it’s almost wetter in the morning due to condensation! But all over a great island, friendly people, but, start saving, just a trip to the supermarket already costs an arm and a leg!

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