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I just recently started working at a casino, in the buffet area to be exact. As a cook, I make food. Sometimes especially if working in a buffet setting you can get an idea of what people eat. Take fried chicken, I have noticed that most of the people go after the legs and wings…I thought the favorite pieces were breasts and thighs…guess I was wrong. On the salad portion, more people go after the pickled beets then any other item. Why is this? I asked some of my coworkers and they answered, perhaps it is cultural (meaning since most of our customers are of Asian lineage) and that is the reason. I guess that could be, yet it was the average pursuit of all people. Just a curiosity.

I am glad that I have a better paying job now, plan on moving out of parents house by January, and that will be nice. I have been looking at the rentals in various publications, both on the internet and in paper form, and think finding an appropriate place will be easy. I just hope to pass the initial tests some of the places require, like credit checks in some cases. My credit is not great, still paying off student loans and such is a pain. But I am trying to do as best as I can.

The benefit of getting my own apartment is I can finally be nude as much as I want to. Plus, I can do whatever I want. It will be nice, could finally host other nudists, and since it will be closer to a resort where nudists gather I will be going there more often. plan on joining so won't have to pay the day fees. It will be nice.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts and may all of your Nudist activities go well and fun!

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