Mornig walk around the pond

This morning I left just before 8:00 – it takes about a half-hour walk to reach this place. It rained yesterday and even snowed on the mountain tops; you could see your breath. I knew that the sun, recently risen from behind the hill, would illuminate the brown leaves of the young poplar. In a few days, they would already turn green. I like to see how a plant that also gives shade, manages at certain times to attract a lot of light. I like being a witness to this phenomenon: it makes me feel like a participant.



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    • Thank you very much, Senvestuolo! I have to say that I’m not intentionally looking for words: I look quietly – with a bare mind – at something new, and the words come to me. Being naked opens “the doors of perception”: words go for themselves. I always carry them with me, like a deck of cards, and each hand is different from the previous one.


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