Morning Sun

Despite the strict restrictions (one more every day), I do not give up my morning walks. The movement, the fresh and pure air, letting what you see become thought these are all things that help my health. I would also add the independence of thought. I’m the same as usual: I like nature to see me as it has done me, and as a result, I see how much I have to get off my back to understand and be as I would be according to nature. This morning there was frost in the grass, but it was fine in the sun, that fizziness that invigorates. An olive tree, docks against the light, cypresses, a vineyard: an hour of my life…

4 thoughts on “Morning Sun”

  1. Our heartfelt respect & love for everyone in Italy at this terrible time. We understand how desperate & sad much of your population are. We share the hope & positive thinking of some of your people, together stay strong, be positive & look after every person in your family with love & compassion.

    • Thank you, Kieran. I’m reading an Italian poet of the late fifteenth century, who wrote in Latin, Pacifico Massimi from Ascoli. In one of his Eclogues (vol. II, ecl. X.6, v. 46) he says: “Et didicit nulli terra negare cibos” “the earth / the soil / nature didn’t learn to deny foods to anyone”. It seems to me that the verse falls on purpose: that is, that nature offers to anyone something that nourishes him, that makes him grow: food, thoughts, feelings. I hadn’t thought about an idyll and the beauty, I instead saw the play of light, because I was thinking about how the image would come out.

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