Morning time while waiting for coffee to finish brewing


I wake up early each morning here in Ecuador. The first thing I do is to shut off the fans, open the door, go outside and check the weather, and then take care of morning ablutions. Once cleaned up and hair brushed, I put on the coffee maker and head out to our patio to wait.

After a while, my wife brings out the coffee and joins me. I am the only one who embraces naturism, but that doesn’t mean we spent many of our moments apart. It’s about mutual respect.

How do you manage, if both aren’t naturists, giving up the idea of trying to appease the other, or control the other?

4 thoughts on “Morning time while waiting for coffee to finish brewing”

  1. I am a nudist, while my wife is not, but it doesn’t mean a problem in our relationship. Since we are both retired we spent a lot of time together at home, she clothed, me naked, and that is ok for both of us.

  2. I know a guy who left his partner because she objected to him being a naturist and nude at home. He was absolutely right, NEVER EVER let yourself be controlled by anyone! Women think they can ‘change’ or ‘mould’ a man, f**k that lol 🙂

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